Gulfport High us history—The Roaring 20s

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Gulfport High

US History—The Roaring 20s

What’s Happening This Week:

  • Weekly Assignments for 4/7 - 10

Monday: Spring Break Holiday

Tuesday: 14:1 Notes, DBQ: Alien and Sedition Acts

Wednesday: 14:2 Notes, DBQ: Palmer Raids

Thursday: Highlight Ch 13-14 Notes, Jazz Age Study Guide (On Quizlet tonight!)

Friday: Jazz Age Test, begin Depression and New Deal Choices Unit

  • Important Dates & Notes

Friday, 4/10: Jazz Age Assessment Saturday, 4/18: Sophomore ACT

  • Homework for the Week:

Any assignments not finished in class will be homework unless otherwise specified. Sophomores: review ACT strategies every night leading up to the test, and prepare for unit test Friday!


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