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ear Teacher,

If you had visited Guilford Court House on March 15, 1781, you would have been met by Major General Nathanael Greene—for whom Greensboro was named—and his army of 4,500 soldiers struggling to secure America’s independence. When you visit Guilford Courthouse National Military Park today, you will still be met by General Greene—in heroic bronze statuary—and a staff of helpful National Park Service employees dedicated to preserving this important battlefield of American history for you and your students.

A carefully planned visit will provide students with the opportunity to learn much about this nation's fight for independence on a historically significant battlefield. Our staff can help you and your students understand what happened here and how it affected the events and people of that time. However, because of the limited amount of time that most classes have to spend here, any preparation that occurs in the classroom before the visit will be of value to the student. Students, no matter what their age, benefit most from a visit if they know something of the when, what and why of the Revolutionary War period. Whatever your curriculum requirements, we consider a familiarity on the part of the students of what was happening in the 1770's and 1780's to be very important.

The information in this Guide has been assembled to help you plan and prepare your students for an enjoyable and educational visit. You are free to use all or any of its parts to adapt or build upon to create a valuable learning experience for your class. You may wish to choose other ways or areas of study that will interest your students and help them better understand the importance and consequences of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Naturally, the depth of study will depend upon your time and a consideration of the individual student's level of learning, ability and particular interests. Consider a park visit an extension of your classroom!

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