Guidelines for the Mark Twain Fellowship for 2016-2017

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Guidelines for the Mark Twain Fellowship for 2016-2017

  1. The Mark Twain Fellowship is a program sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia that provides robust support of up to $50,000 for MU students and recent alumni seeking to pursue graduate study abroad in any discipline. One Mark Twain Fellow will be chosen to study during 2016-2017. Benefits include:

    1. Full tuition and fees covered at foreign university

    2. Stipend (as budget permits) for housing, other living costs, round-trip transportation

  2. Selection criteria include:

    1. Academic achievement

    2. Merit of proposed program of study

    3. Leadership (both within MU and beyond)

    4. Service (both within MU and beyond)

    5. Character

  3. Applicant pool for the current Fellow selection cycle includes:

    1. Current MU undergraduate students expecting to graduate in December 2015 or May 2016.

    2. MU alumni who received MU undergraduate degrees no earlier than May 2013.

    3. Current full-time MU graduate and professional students who received undergraduate degrees elsewhere no earlier than May 2013.

  4. To be eligible, an applicant must:

    1. Apply during AY 2015-2016 for a Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Schwarzman, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, NSF, Churchill, or comparable nationally recognized post-baccalaureate fellowship program.

    2. Not be awarded any such fellowship.

    3. Apply directly to at least one foreign university (not located in North America) for a full-time graduate program occurring during AY 2016-2017. (The Selection Panel will favor applicants who apply to one-year programs.)

    4. Submit the Mark Twain Fellowship Application (application form, cover letter, transcript, letters of recommendation) by February 8, 2016 (details to be posted on the Fellowships Office website:

    5. Receive an offer of admission from at least one foreign program as described above. (The Selection Panel may waive this requirement for applicants whose foreign program has not made admission decisions when the Fellow is nominated.)

  5. Decisions by the Mark Twain Fellowship Committee, the Chancellor, and the Mark Twain Fellowship Selection Panel, including the selection of winners, selection of runners-up, and interpretation of Fellowship rules, are final and not subject to appeal.

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