Guidelines for Phase I, II, and III archaeological Investigations and Technical Report Preparation Prepared by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office Written by Patrick Trader Edited by Joanna Wilson Preface

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II. Professional Qualifications

All consultants currently conducting archaeological investigations in the State of West Virginia are included in an approved list of consultants. To be included in this list, consultants must meet a series of minimum requirements in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Professional Qualifications, 36 CFR Part 61. In order to be considered as Principal Investigator for archaeological investigations, a person must satisfy the following requirements:
MA/MS or Ph.D. in Archaeology or Anthropology

or closely related field 1

At least 1 year full-time professional experience or

equivalent specialized training in archaeological

administration or management.
At least 4 months of supervised field and analytic

experience in general North American archaeology.


Demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.

At least one year of full-time experience

at a supervisory level in the study of

archaeological resources of the prehistoric

or historic periods.

To request consideration for placement on the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office consultants list, please submit current and detailed curriculum vitae for all principal investigators and field directors to the Senior Archaeologist at the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. Corporate or abbreviated vitae will not be accepted. All archaeological investigations must be conducted under the supervision of an archaeologist who meets the above qualifications.

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