Guidelines for Phase I, II, and III archaeological Investigations and Technical Report Preparation Prepared by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office Written by Patrick Trader Edited by Joanna Wilson Preface

For American Antiquity and Latin American Antiquity

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For American Antiquity and Latin American Antiquity, revised August 1996.

15. Appendices

a. Project correspondence;
b. Full reports on ancillary studies (may be placed within main body of report);
c. Artifact inventories;
d. Site forms (must also be submitted separately);

. 28

e. Current curriculum vitae of principal investigators and field directors; and
f. Signed copy of Cultural Resources Files and Library User Registration and Research

Record Form.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction Pg. 1

  1. Professional Qualifications Pg. 2

  1. Archaeological Site File Searches Pg. 3

  1. Section 106 and Cultural Resource Investigations Pg. 4

  1. Background Research Pg. 6

  1. Field Methods Pg. 7

  1. Recordation and Documentation of Archaeological Sites Pg. 13

  1. Inclusion of West Virginia Historic Property Inventory Form Pg. 15

  1. Recommendation Pg. 16

  1. Determination of Eligibility Pg. 18

  1. Data Recovery Plan Pg. 20

  1. Report Format Pg. 21



Appendix A: Reference Materials Pg. 30
Appendix B: Excavation and Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains Pg. 33
Appendix C: Treatment of Human Skeletal Remains Pg. 41
Appendix D: Application for Archaeological Excavation Permit Pg. 43
Appendix E: Application for Archaeological Excavation of Pg. 46

Unmarked Human Graves

Appendix F: User’s Guide to the Cultural Resource Files Pg. 50
Appendix G: Cultural Resource Files and Library User Registration Pg. 52

And Research Record Form

Appendix H: West Virginia Archaeological Site Form Pg. 55
Appendix I: West Virginia Isolated Find Site Form Pg. 61
Appendix J: West Virginia Cemetery Survey Form Pg. 64
Appendix K: Historic Properties Inventory Form Pg. 68
Appendix L: Curatorial Guidelines - Collections Management Pg. 72


* Deed of Gift

*Memorandum of Understanding for Curatorial Services


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