Guidelines for Phase I, II, and III archaeological Investigations and Technical Report Preparation Prepared by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office Written by Patrick Trader Edited by Joanna Wilson Preface

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XII. Report Format

Cultural resource reports for different stages of project development should adequately reflect the level of investigation completed. The following format outline is intended to serve as a guide to the types of information that should be included in each report. Certain sections may not be applicable to Phase I or Phase II investigations. The Society for American Archaeology style guides should be used in preparing any report. Two copies of the report, one with original photographs and on acid-free paper, must be submitted to WVSHPO for review and comment.
During Phase I, II and III investigations, expedient review is often necessary in order to accommodate various state and federal agency project schedules. To facilitate these reviews, WVSHPO has (on a case by case basis) agreed to accept variations to technical reports, including Management Summaries, Addendum Reports and Letter Reports. For projects where no cultural resources or isolated finds are identified, Abbreviated Reports are acceptable. The formats for Management Summaries, Addendum Reports and Abbreviated Reports are found below. The numbers and letters referenced are defined in the Standard Technical Report Format.

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