Guidelines for Phase I, II, and III archaeological Investigations and Technical Report Preparation Prepared by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office Written by Patrick Trader Edited by Joanna Wilson Preface

VIII. Inclusion of West Virginia Historic Property Inventory Forms

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VIII. Inclusion of West Virginia Historic Property Inventory Forms
When historic buildings or structures are located within the area of potential effect or project area, no archaeological report is complete without their identification and evaluation. Although report text may include a description of the resources, the West Virginia Historic Property Inventory Form (see Appendix K) must be completed. Original forms must be submitted separately, and copies may be included in the bound report. If Phase I archaeological results dictate additional research at the Phase II level, evaluation of the standing structure(s) according to National Register Criteria may be postponed until that time. If not, full evaluation of the structure(s) must be submitted with the completed Phase I report. Full evaluation includes, at minimum, the following:
1. Historic Context: an explanation of the relationship of the resource to its setting and

historic use. Include dates within which the property was in use;

2. Deed Research: identification of date of construction and property ownership;
3. Oral History: information obtained from local informants regarding ownership, use

and significance of the property;
4. Brief Description: information regarding the appearance of the structure and

materials used in its construction; and

5. Statement of Significance: in relation to National Register Criteria.
The WV SHPO relies upon National Register (NR) Bulletins for further guidance regarding application of the Criteria of Eligibility. Notable among these are NR Bulletin No. 15 “How to Apply the National Register Criteria for Evaluation”, NR Bulletin No. 24 “Guidelines for Local Survey: A Basis for Preservation Planning”, and NR Bulletin No. 21 “Defining Boundaries for National Register Properties.” The WV SHPO encourages early consultation regarding historic properties, and can provide further guidance upon request.


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