Guidelines for Phase I, II, and III archaeological Investigations and Technical Report Preparation Prepared by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office Written by Patrick Trader Edited by Joanna Wilson Preface

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Feature Identification
Once a subsurface feature has been identified (e.g. postmold, hearth, storage/trash pit, etc.), its location must be mapped according to the site grid-coordinate system. Each feature must be mapped in planview and photographed. Once the planview has been drawn, one-half of

the feature must be excavated in order to determine its content and stratigraphic profile. Features may be excavated in halves or quarters along its long axis. If internal stratigraphy is evident,


features should be excavated in 5-10 cm levels within stratified deposits or depositional episodes. One-half of each feature must be profiled and photographed. All profiles should have a north arrow, scale and key. Once the feature has been completely excavated, the basin should be photographed. All photographs should be taken with a photo board, vertical scale and north arrow.

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