Guide to writing history essays

B. Writing style in history essays

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B. Writing style in history essays
1. Essay presentation
1.1 It is expected that all essays will normally be word processed on a computer and printed on A4 paper, on one side of the page only, with ample margins on all sides and in a standard font type and size.
1.2 All written work should be double-spaced, except for the footnotes/endnotes and the bibliography, which should be single spaced. All pages should be numbered consecutively, including the title page and bibliography.
1.3 Your essay should have a title page containing the following information: your name; the essay’s title; the unit number and name; the assignment/question number; the date; the name of your tutor and time of your tutorial. Note that this title page is in addition to the History Program cover sheet.
1.4 Your essay should make appropriate use of references (footnotes or endnotes) to demonstrate the sources for your information and include a properly formatted bibliography, which lists all the relevant sources used.

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