Guide to Writing an Article Review

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Guide to Writing an Article Review

Cover sheet:

• Short title and page # (top right corner)

• Title of your review (centered, double-spaced)

• Your name

• Comp. II, CM200.1-AM or -PM

• Ms. Munzenmaier

• Date

• Version: draft 1, draft 2, etc.

Body of the review:

Short title and page #

Your Title (centered)

Summary (you need not cover every bullet point; these are suggestions to start your thinking)

Provide background information.

• Who is the author? What makes the author an expert on this topic?

• What is the focus of the article?

• Why is this subject important?
Summarize the main points of the article.

• What major are points made in the article?

• How does the author define any key words or important techincal terms?

• How does the author present the topic?

• If the article describes the results of a study, briefly describe the study methodology and findings.

Critique (choose one or two questions below)

Give your evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

• How well does the author achieve his or her purpose?

• Does the article provide trustworthy information or a credible point of view?

  • What errors in reasoning or other weaknesses do you find?

  • Point out any examples of bias, distortion, or sensationalism.

  • Are there any significant omissions from this article?

• How does this article compare to others on this topic?

  • Are you aware of any sources that contradict this article?

  • Does anything make this article more (or less) useful than other sources?

• What impressed you about this article? How has it helped you solve a problem or
changed your thinking? (e.g., This article will help me decide which treatment is right for a member of my family who was diagnosed with…. or “This issue is more complex….)


• Summarize your most important insight(s) or conclusions about the article.

• Give your judgment about whether this article would be useful to others.

Reference list: full bibliographic citation in APA format on a separate page

If your article is from a print source, attach a copy of the article.

• Bring three copies of your review to class.

• For help, see Coming to Grips with Reading and Writing Academic Articles .

Download 9.73 Kb.

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