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A Practical Guide to the Runes

By Lisa Peschel

The word RUNE or RU’NA means whisper, secret, or mystery in old Germanic language. Used by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of Northern Europe from about 200BC to the 13th century.

They were primarily a magical system of pictographs representing the forces and objects in nature.

By calling upon the appropriate rune one could there by make contact with the force in nature the symbol represented.

Are several different runic alphabets but the most common is the Germanic or Elder FUTHARK.

They contain 24 letters plus 1 blank.
A brief history of what they were used for.

To make crops grow

To make hunts successful

To make the women fertile

To bless and/or curse

To hurt and/or heal

The most important one is to Divine.
Buildings and objects were built to form a specific rune shape, to impart its power and magical significance to the building and the people inside.

If you look you will find them on houses, branches of trees, cracks in the sidewalk and even on your palms.

This familiarity allows you to tap into their power effectively.

And they are subject to your own interpretation. They should never be allowed to entirely dictate your actions.

The runes are to guide you through your problems by showing you what is LIKELY to happen giving you choices on how to act. Helping you take charge of your life. Remember to listen to your inner voice.
The Runes you are about to make will be valuable allies in your journey through life. Always treat them with respect and as you make them, make them with love.

By the time you have finished crafting them you will have imbued them with YOUR energy and YOUR life force.

Don’t lend them out to any one as you will bond with them.
The making of runestones re-creates the life-giving ritual of Askr and Embla, the Ash and the Elm trees from which Odin and his brothers created the first human beings.
Runes are living things. When you make runes, you create life.

By carving the rune, you give it senses.

By coloring it, you give it the hue of life.

By chanting its name, you give it breath.

Each rune has its own energy and the more attuned you are to that energy, the better the runestones will be charged.
How to make them.

Can be made of any natural material, stone, clay, or wood and bone.

When choosing the shape and size, keep in mind that all 25 should fit in the palms of your cupped hands.

You can purchase a dowel of the wood of your choice from a hardware store. About 1” around cut in 1/4” slices.

Symbols can be carve into the wood, painted on, or draw on with a felt tip pen.

Don’t use sealants as this will seal off the energies in the wood.

Take a quiet moment to meditate on what you about to do.

Call up the guardians and patrons of the runes, Odin and Freya to guide your hands.


Each rune has its own corresponding color.

Red is the traditional color of rune magick. It represents the active male principal, the life force that is embodied in the red of blood.

Blue is the color sacred to Odin and healing.

Green is the color of prosperity, fertility, and growth. Also the color of the Goddess. Always use your intuition and choose what YOU want.

Energizing and Charging your Runes.

To charge each rune, chant its name and meaning while you are carving/marking and coloring it.

Afterwards it is best if they are in contact with your person as often as possible. They can be worn on a belt, carried in your purse, or held in your lap as your watch TV. They can be placed under your pillow as well, but be cautioned this can cause dreams with runic themes.

They don’t HAVE to be in contact with you at all times, but an effort must be made to attune the runes with your own personal wave lengths.

The Rune Pouch.

You will need something to carry them in. Your Pouch should be made out of natural materials, cotton, linen, fur, or leather. They can be any color. They can be decorated with embroidered symbols, tassels, bells or anything that holds strong personal significance for you.

The Rune cloth.

This cloth should be plain, no print.

It should be about 18” by 18”.

Your cloth will keep the Runes clean and provides a focus for the rune layout.


1 F Fehu "fay-who" – the word means cattle

Divinatory meaning; Money, success, wealth, status, power, generative energy, mobility, creativity, destruction.
2 u Uruz "ooo-rooze" – means aurochs

Divinatory meaning; Strength, courage, skill, determination, generative power, initiation, soul shaping, spiritual progress

3 th Thurisaz "thoor-ee-saws" – means Giant

Divinatory meaning; Obstacles, difficulties, protection, stubbornness, pride, vanity, heroic effort, patience and endurance, Opportunity to deflate the false ego, spiritual courage, protection of the sacred.

4 a Ansuz "awn-sooze” – means god and/or mouth of god

Divinatory meaning; Advice, communication, contemplation, inspiration, authority tradition, blessing, initiation, divine inspiration.

5r Raido "rye-though”means wagon, travel, journeying and moving forward.

Divinatory meaning; Change of direction, movement, progress, travel, relocation, habit breaking, rhythm, Ritual journey, personal destiny.

6 k Kenaz "kane-awze” – Means torch

Divinatory meaning; knowledge, skill, controlled energy, successful idea, painful healing, sexual attraction, Spiritual illumination, inner guidance.

7 g Gebo "gay-boe" / "yee-boe" – means gift

Divinatory meaning; Gift, opportunity, love match, partnership, sacrifice, obligation, Karmic union.

8 w Wunjo "woon-yo" – means Joy

Divinatory meaning; Joy, good news, celebration, success, reward, harmony, family, tribe, emotional release, Inner connectedness, spiritual well-being, universal family.

9 h Hagalaz "haw-gaw-laws" - means hail (as in hail stones)

Divinatory meaning; Misfortune, damage, shock, short-term distress followed by long-term rewards. Powerful natural forces, evolution, regeneration, cosmic union.

10n Naudhiz "now-these" – means need, necessity, and distress.

Divinatory meaning; Personal needs, self-preservation, invention, beware of greed, excess and impatience. Spiritual needs, deliverance from distress, self-mastery, and transcendence.

11 i Isa "ee-saw" – means Ice.

Divinatory meaning; Stasis, frustration of plans, obstacles, imposed rest, stillness. Inner stillness, initiation, appreciation of the present, acceptance, surrender.

12y Jera "yare-awe" – means year and harvest

Divinatory meaning; Reward, abundance, fruition, maturity, growth. Right action, natural law.

13e or i Eihwaz "eye-wawz" – means yew tree

Divinatory meaning; Flexibility, endurance, protection, change, empowerment, problem solving. Magical empowerment, psychic protection, spiritual attainment.

14p Pertho "perth-row" – difficult meaning, translates to apple tree, pear tree, chess piece, dice cup, fate, game, dance, hearth, and vagina.

Divinatory meaning; Mystery, chance, unpredictable event, sexual encounter, faults or mistakes exposed. Feminine mysteries, unfolding of fate. Karma, initiatory event, incubation.

15z Algiz "all-yeese" – translates as elk, protection, swan, and sedge grass.

Divinatory meaning; Protection, sanctuary, prayer, friendship, trust. Mystical communication with the divine, guardian spirit, absorption of protective cosmic energy, faith in the divine.

16s Sowilu "soe-wee-low" – also known as sigil in old English and sol in old norse, sowilu is the sun rune.

Divinatory meaning; success, vitality, good fortune, popularity. The higher self, the spiritual will, enlightenment, divine blessing.

17t Teiwaz "tea-wawz" – was the original creator god of the Germanic peoples, who later became known as Tyr. His name is related to the Sanskrit word dyaus, meaning divine, and to Jehovah, a Hebrew name of God.

Divinatory meanings; Victory, honor, justice, law, balance, self-sacrifice, righteousness. Magical equilibrium, selflessness, spiritual purity.

18b Berkana "bear-kawn-oh" – means Birch tree or Lady of the


Divinatory meaning; Nurturing, nourishment, mothering, fertility, beauty, healing, growth. Earth Mother, spiritual growth and sustenance.
19e Ehwaz "ay-wawz" – means horse

Divinatory meaning; Travel, partnership, marriage, self-control. Inner journeys, astral projection.

20m Mannaz "mawn-nawz" translates as human and represents the

mystery of Each human beings relationship with other humans, the rest of creation and the divine will.

Divinatory meaning; The self, family member, friendship, association, rational intelligence, race memory. Transcendental consciousness, the individual as microcosm, shaman, spiritual healer.
21l Laguz "law-gooze" – means body of water, sea or ocean

Divinatory meaning; journey across water, fluidity imagination, intuition, artistic creativity. Soul journey, psychic power, initiatory dream.

22ng Ingwaz "eeeng-wawz" – is dedicated to the God Ing. Symbol

represents the Head of a penis and/or the womb or vagina.

Ingwaz is the magnetic charge that draws the polarities together, attracting male to female and female to male.

Divinatory meaning; Potency, latent energy, sexual heat, orgasm, union, fruition, goal. Intense creative activity.

23 o Othila "oath-awe-law" – means homeland or ancestral property

Divinatory meaning; Homeland, ancestral property, family home, inheritance. Ancestor spirits, sacred enclosure, universal truth.

24 d Dagaz "thaw-gauze" – means day and signifies both beginnings

and endings.

The rune is an angular form of the lemniscates, the horizontal figure eight that symbolizes eternity.

Divinatory meaning; Security, certainty, clarity, dramatic change. Higher level of consciousness, path of destiny.

25 “ “ Wyrd “Weird” – the collective term for the 3 Norse sisters known as the norns. Urdhr, Verthandi, and Skuld – Past, Present and Future.

They represent ALL knowledge and were special patrons of the art of divination.

When this rune appears in your reading, you may be certain that something unexpected is going to come to you. Whether this something is positive or negative depends on what you warrant by virtue of your past behavior. As in “what you give out comes back to you.”

This is the rune of total trust and should be taken as exciting evidence of your most immediate contact with your own true destiny. Wyrd is the cosmic power of fate.

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