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Russia and Eastern Europe

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Russia and Eastern Europe

General Resources

Russian and East European Network Information Center. Suggested links to basic information on numerous countries.
REESWeb: Russian and East European Resources. Links to relevant resources in eastern European countries.


Little Russia in San Antonio, Texas. A very useful page with links to other pages. Sections include Moscow Architecture, 12-19th centuries, Baroque Architecture of St. Petersburg, The Trinity-St.Sergiy Lavra, and others, all with excellent images. See the music page for lyrics and recordings.

Russia. A history of Russia during the time of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great includes information and images regarding geography, politics, people, and places.

The Alexander Palace Time Machine. A virtual tour of the fairy-tale treasure house of the Russian Czars, home of Nickolas and Alexandra, and Alexander Palace with good graphics and information. An enjoyable site.

Window to Russia. This page is designed to spread information about Russia and includes a section on culture, art and history. Some good exhibits and images.


The Armenian Research Center. Some fact sheets and images. Highly politicized.


Bosnia Home Page. Focused on recent military activity.


Croatia: Historical and Cultural Overview. A reasonable introduction with some images.

Welcome to Croatia. A simple guide, with many images.


Pzlen. An interactive guide to the city of Pzlen. Includes a clickable map of the city and numerous images.


Bucharest, Romania. History with pictures of the city of Bucharest.


The Slovakia Document Store. A very thorough collection of information, mostly of things contemporary. Do not miss the Cities, Region section for a virtual tour.


Slovenia. An introduction with some images. See the clickable map and virtual tour.


Ukraine. Links to things Ukrainian. A useful history, and some images.


Poland: HISTORY. History about the city of Krakow from the stone age to the 20th century.


Frederick the Great of Prussia. Extensive site on the king of Prussia and his times.

Middle East and Islam


Dutch Portuguese Colonial History. A history of the Portuguese and the Dutch in Ceylon, India, Malacca, Bengal, Formosa, Africa, and other places.

Haqqani Foundation Home Page. An esoteric introduction to Sufism, from a Sufi point of view.

Middle East Studies. Extensive list of links to things related to the Middle East. Arranged topically and geographically. Good individual state guide.

Mughul Monarchs. A detailed introduction to the Mughul dynasty and the city of Agra, whose images emphasize the superb architecture of the time.

Topkapi Palace. A guide to Topkapi Palace, with numerous images of the palace rooms and grounds and its phenomenal artifacts, including portraits of the sultans, manuscripts, clothing, porcelains, and ornaments.


The Grand Tradition of Byzantine Historiography. A text document with a nice overview and list of authors.

Byzantium Studies on the Internet and Byzantine Art. This site includes many images of icons, monasteries Ravenna, and Hagia Sophia; it details Byzantine life in Jerusalem and offers links to related Web sites.

Byzantium Through Arab Eyes. An original account of a mission to Constantinople by an Arab ambassador in the late tenth century.

Byzantium: Timeline. A useful timeline with pictures.


Internet Islamic History Source Book: Mohammed and Foundations. Mohammed and foundations-to 632 CE. Extensive on-line source for links about the early history of Islam, including a biography of Mohammed and the many aspects of Islam, including the role of women. and Foundations - to 632 CE

The Virtual Mosque. Information about Islam, Islamic History, as well as pictures and audio files. The entire Qu’ran in Arabic and English with audio files. An excellent resource.

Islamic and Arabic Arts and Architecture. A rich and attractively designed site, with information and images regarding architecture, calligraphy, and textiles. Includes a glossary of terms and names of important artist and architects. A subsite offers a portfolio of shrines and palaces including the Ka'ba, the Mosque of the Prophet Mohammed, the Dome of the Rock, and the Alhambra.

Islamic Texts and Resources. A large collection of material at the University of Buffalo. Contains an introduction to Islam, the Qur'aan, Hadiths, and a good section on Islamic thought, including jurisprudence. Mysticism, theology and science are also featured, all with links to numerous primary and secondary sources. Links to other resources on the Internet.


The Great Game: Afghanistan and the Asian Sub-Continent. A page explicating Russian and British conflict in Afghanistan. Very thorough with many interesting links.


Isfahan. A very good virtual tour of the city and its Islamic architecture, ranging in date from the 11th to 19th centuries.


The One and Only Morocco WWW. A virtual tour with many images.


Turkey: Fall of Constantinople. Reflections on the fall of Constantinople.

Turkey: History of Istanbul. A wonderful text document on the history of Istanbul from the city's founding to the Turkish period.

Turkey in Pictures. An extensive collection.

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