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General Resources

Asian Studies. A comprehensive listing of Internet resources.

Asia-Pacific Information. Links to information on Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, Russia, and India.

Asia Timeline. Timeline of Asian events. Good basic overview of the history of the area.

The Huns. An extensive site about the Huns and Attila.

The Buddhist Age, 500 BCE to 319 CE Text and images detail Buddha's life, the Four Truths, and the evolution of Buddhism. Related links offer analyses of Buddhist texts and a lengthy list of primary texts.

Buddhist Studies. Links to pages concerned with Buddhism.

Central Asian History. Major events relative to Central Asian history with a timeline.

China and East Asia. China and East Asia chronology timeline.

Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan. A rich site offering a biography of Genghis Khan and information about the history and culture of the Mongol Empire.

Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan. Guide to an exhibit at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Good historical information, and many images of artifacts.

Hinduism. Extensive webpage offering a number of sites about Hinduism, including a discussion of Veda, the Vedic culture, and its meaning in today's world, and excerpts from the Bhagavad-Gita and the Rig-Veda.

Internet East Asia History. Extensive on-line source for links about the history of East Asia including primary documents regarding exploration, European imperialism, and the influence of missionaries.

Jainism. Extensive site discusses the principles, traditions, and practices of Jainism and includes numerous related links.

Jews from Asia. Background and history of Jews from India, China, Thailand, and other parts of Asia.

Manchoukuo Train Line. Good site about the history of Manchuria, "the puppet state." Discusses the five northeastern provinces of China collectively known as Manchuria, who declared their independence from the Chinese Republic under Japanese-sponsorship.

Masterpieces of the Kyoto National Museum. Numerous images, with descriptions, of the artworks of Japan, Korean, and China.

The Ramayana: An Enduring Tradition. The Ramayana is one of the most important literary and oral texts of South Asia. This extensive site from Syracuse University offers both a short and complete story of Rama, history, images, and maps.


The Silk Road. This site links Europe and Asia through trade. Includes a map of the silk road and a brief history.

Silk Road to China, Arts at Dunhuang Grottoes. Including maps of the ancient trade route and images of the artwork at the DunHuang Grottoes. Gives maps for the silk road, and tells a bit about them.


Ancient Dynasties. Images and texts present a view of early China, from prehistory to the era of the Warring States, 221 BCE .

Art of China Homepage. A large collection of images.

A Brief History of Hong Kong. A history of Hong Kong starting in the 19th century.

China Education and Research Center. Provided by Tsinghua University. Some limited historical information. Good images, and audio files, including Mao Tse-Tung.

Chinese Music Page. Information and links to other sites containing Chinese music. Covers traditional, folk, ceremonial and modern music. Includes downloadable and playable audio files.

China News Digest. News reports from China.

China the Beautiful. Extensive site exploring the art, calligraphy, poetry, literature, and music of China throughout its lengthy history.

Classic Chinese Literature. Links to on-line classic Chinese literature.

History Timeline. Chinese history-with hypertext links to information from the Xia dynasty to the Modern People's Republic. Comprehensive timeline, with links telling about the Dynasties.

Imperial China: The Ming. Map and images pertaining to the Ming dynasty, 1368-1644; a part of the Internet East Asian History Sourcebook.

Xi’an and the Silk Road. The history of Xi’an and the ancient trade route.


History of Korea. Text and images documenting the Koryo and Chosen dynasties of Korea.


Nanjing Massacre. An extremely disturbing page with documents, photos and personal accounts.

Exploring Japanese Feudalism. Site explores in depth the history of Japanese feudalism, including Japan's founding myth, the warrior ethic, and the establishment of the shogunate.

Japan News. Links to news from Japan .

The National Diet of Japan. A web site explaining the history, organization and workings of the National Diet; includes images. Information provided by the Diet.


The Republic of China. Historical information on Taiwan. Includes details of unification plans.

Taiwan WWW Master Index. A comprehensive index to WWW material concerning Taiwan.


Thailand: History of Chiangmai Page. This site about the history of the city includes topography and popular places.

Southeast Asia

South-East Asia Information. Limited information on Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Chronology-Medieval India. Extensive history of India with timelines, articles and primary sources.

Hindi Program at Penn. Audio and movie files provide language instruction.

Medieval India. Site discussing the principles, traditions, and practices of Jainism as well as a discussion of the history, sites and monuments, and classical texts of medieval India, 600 BC-1526 CE.

India Timeline. An extensive timeline for Indian historical events and related stories and sites.

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