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CHAPTER FOUR: History on the WWW

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CHAPTER FOUR: History on the WWW

Presented here are some of the very best resources available for Historians. This list is hardly comprehensive. For a full, up-to-date list, visit the World History web site at
indicates those few sites so wonderful and useful, everyone should visit it.

General Resources

Art Source. Links to other sites with information and images concerning art and architecture.

E-Hawk: Electronic Headquarters for the Acquisition of War Knowledge. Links to information on military history.

Excite Travel. Not overly concerned with history, but a quick and easy way to find information on countries and cities world-wide.

Country Studies: Area History. A Library of Congress site which lists contains country studies and area handbooks. Written by multidisciplinary teams.

Gateway to World History. With a focus on modern history, this wonderful index and guide contains items that would be otherwise difficult to find.

Historical Journals On-Line. Links to almost all journals with a web presence.

Historical Texts Archive. Primary sources primarily for U.S. history.

History Index. Perhaps the most comprehensive set of links. Although not easy to use, it is worth the time.

Horus’ Web Links to History Resources. This guide, from the University of California—Riverside, contains a huge list of available resources. Unfortunately, it is falling out-of-date.

The Human Languages Page. Links to information about numerous different languages.
Humanities and Social Sciences On-Line. Interdisciplinary Resources for Humanities and Social Sciences. High standards, and sponsorship make H-Net important.

Internet Archive of Texts and Documents. Go here to look for primary sources and interesting documents.

HyperHistory On-Line. Slick interface to timelines, maps and information with links to even more relevant information and other sites. Students should use this site often.

Voice of the Shuttle. A comprehensive, annotated list. Visit often.

World Art Treasures. Continuing displays with accompanying texts in French and some English. Presently includes works from Egypt, China, Japan, India, Myanmar/Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Maps and Geography

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. A large number of maps from all parts of the world.

World History

Ancient History. This site features timelines broken down by region, civilization, and culture. Useful organization by region or by civilization.

Fourth World Documentation Project: Indigenous Peoples' Information for the Online Community. Documents specifically focused on contemporary issues of indigenous peoples. Arranged geographically.

Global History Consortium. The Virtual Research Institutes represents all geographical regions except Europe. A really nice site with focus on world history.

That Wacky Millennium. This site outlines events from 1001 CE to 2000 CE, with a focus on the ironic.

World Cultures to 1500. An excellent page full of useful material, images and information. Designed for a course taught by Richard Hooker, Washington State University.
The World Systems Gopher. Texts, book reviews, syllabi and more related to world systems. Difficult to navigate, but worth the time if you are working on systems theory.



The Long Foreground: Human Prehistory. A good introduction to human evolution and early hominids.

Neanderthal Museum. Site of German museum, whose goals are to maintain and popularize the cultural heritage of the Neanderthals.

The Ancient Near East

General Resources

Ancient Near Eastern Cross-Cultural Timeline. A very useful and clear timeline.

Catal Huyuk. Recent work done in the area, with historical and archaeological data.

Mesopotamia and Persia. This site gives valuable information on the influences of geography on early Persian civilizations, reviews Persian military history, and discusses the importance of Persian religion.

The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. Contains continuing presentations of on-going research.

The Oriental Institute Museum. A comprehensive site from the University of Chicago.


Djoser Pyramid. An interactive plan with some graphics of the pyramid. This site is a bit hard for the non-specialist.

Egypt: Alexandria: The Ptolemaic Dynasty. Background on this ancient city's history.

Egyptian Museum. Web site of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, highlighting images of accessories and jewelry, sculpture, furniture, mummies, and written documents of ancient Egypt from the museum's enormous collection.

The Giza "Plateau Mapping Project. Current research on the monuments of Giza, with important computer-generated perspectives. Excellent images.

The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology. This is a web page from the University of Memphis. Included are a color tour of Egypt and an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts.

Louvre Department of Egyptian Antiquities. Includes images.


Creative Impulse: Mesopotamia. The University of Evansville's impressive site on all things about ancient Mesopotamia.

Life in Early Mesopotamia. This site offers glimpses into a recent archaeological expedition to Tell Mashnaqa, a settlement nearly 7,000 years old. Images of finds and of archaeologists at work.

Nippur, Sacred City of Enlil. History of the city, with information on archaeological material. Images and maps.

The Oriental Institute's Mesopotamian Collection. An extensive site from the University of Chicago.

Israel and Palestine

Ancient Palestine with Ancient Sources. A model web page with analysis, ancient texts and images linked for a superior introduction to ancient Palestine.

Israel: The New Jerusalem Mosaic. An historical look at the city with good pictures. Discusses the history of Jerusalem.

Images of Ancient Iran. Images of Persian Art, without commentary.

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