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English 10 Book List

The Monkey Wrench Gang (480),Edward Abbey

Things Fall Apart (209), Chinua Achebe

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (272), Douglas Adams

Watership Down (476), Richard Adams

Born Free(224), Joy Adamson

A Death in the Family(320), James Agee

Little Women(530), Louisa May Alcott

Tortuga (206), Bless Me Ultima (290), Rudolpho Anaya

Winesburg, Ohio (166), Sherwood Anderson

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (304), Maya Angelou

The Fantastic Voyage (208), I, Robot (256), Foundation series Isaac Asimov

Clan of the Cave Bear (480), Jean Auel

Pride and Prejudice (256), Sense and Sensibility (448), Emma (512), Jane Austen

Go Tell It on the Mountain (240), James Baldwin

I Will Fight No More Forever (384), Merrill D. Beal

The Nazi Officer’s Wife (336), Edith H. Beer

Mr. Sammler’s Planet (288), Saul Bellow

Bright Candles (256), Nathaniel Benchly

Little Big Man (480), Thomas Berger

When the Legends Die (304), Hal Borland

Planet of the Apes (272), Pierre Boulle

The Illustrated Man (288), The Martian Chronicles (288), Ray Bradbury

Jane Eyre (464), Charlotte Bronte

Wuthering Heights (288), Emily Bronte

Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code (608), Dan Brown

The Good Earth (448), Pearl S. Buck

Pilgrim’s Progress (114), John Bunyan

A Clockwork Orange (240), Anthony Burgess

The Way of All Flesh (320), Samuel Butler

Tobacco Road (192), Erskine Caldwell

Captains and the Kings (816), Taylor Caldwell

The Stranger (160), The Plague (320), The Fall (160), Albert Camus

In Cold Blood (343), Truman Capote

The Sea Around Us (320), Silent Spring (400), Rachel Carsons

The Magic Toyshop (208), Angela Carter

Death Comes for the Archbishop (256), Willa Cather

Don Quixote (992), Miguel de Cervantes

Canterbury Tales (412), Geoffrey Chaucer

Where are the Children? (288), Mary Higgins Clark

Childhood’s End (256), 2001: A Space Odyssey (256), 2010 (320), Arthur C. Clarke

Ox-bow Incident (288), Walter Clarke

Tai-Pan (736), Noble House (1152), King Rat (368), Shogun (1152), James Clavell

Strong at the Broken Places (208), Max Cleland

The Moonstone (342), Wilkie Collins

Heart of Darkness (544), Joseph Conrad

Last of the Mohicans (448), James Fenimore Cooper

The Power of One (544), Bryce Courtenay

I Heard the Owl Call My Name (160), Marge Craven

Babe: The Legend Comes to Life (448), Robert Creamer

The Andromeda Strain (384), Jurassic Park (416), The Terminal Man (352), Michael Crichton

Vision Quest (256), Terry Davis

A Holocaust Reader (397), Lucy S. Dawidowicz

Moll Flanders (368), Robinson Crusoe (312), Daniel Defoe

Auntie Mame (320), Patrick Dennis

The Red Tent (352), Anita Diamant

David Copperfield (1024), A Tale of Two Cities (544), Oliver Twist (600), Great Expectations (544), Charles Dickens

Deliverance (278), James Dickey

An American Childhood (272), Annie Dillard

Out of Africa (416), Isak Dinesen

Book of Daniel (320), Ragtime (336), E.L. Doctorow

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (384), Michael Dorris

Manhattan Transfer (352), John Dos Passos

Crime and Punishment (592), The Brothers Karamazov (796), Fyodor Dostoyovsky

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (234), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

An American Tragedy (896), Theodore Drieser

The Three Musketeers (610), The Count of Monte Cristo (1312), Alexandre Dumas

Rebecca (416), Daphne DuMaurier

Silas Marner (208), The Mill on the Floss (576), Middlemarch (904), George Eliot

Like Water for Chocolate (256), Laura Esquivel

The Immigrants (480), Howard Fast

The Sound and the Fury (326), Intruder in the Dust (256), William Faulkner

Tom Jones (968), Henry Fielding

Madame Bovary (384), Gustave Flaubert

The Pillars of the Earth (1008), World Without End (1056), Ken Follett

Captain Horatio Hornblower (662), C.S. Forester

Howards End (334), A Passage to India (368), A Room With a View (240), E. M. Forster

The Collector (320), The French Lieutenant’s Woman (480), John Fowles

Diary of a Young Girl (312), Anne Frank

Alas, Babylon (352), Pat Frank

My Brilliant Career (158), Miles Franklin

Cold Mountain (464), Charles Frazier

The Old Gringo (208), Carlos Fuentes

Sophie’s World (544), Jostein Gaarder

A Lesson Before Dying (256), The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (272), Ernest Gaines

The Forsyte Saga (912), John Galsworthy

Love in the Time of Cholera (368), One Hundred Years of Solitude (448), Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Grendel (192), John Gardner

Cheaper by the Dozen (224), Frank, Carriem and Ernestine G. Gilbreath

Memoirs of a Geisha (512), Arthur Golden

Lord of the Flies (336), William Golding

She Stoops to Conquer (140), Oliver Goldsmith

Mother (416), Maxim Gorky

Tin Drum (600), Gunter Grass

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (304), Joanne Greenburg

The Heart of the Matter (288), The Power and the Glory (240), The Quiet American (208), Graham Greene

Black Like Me (208), John Howard Griffin

Ordinary People (272), Judith Guest

Death Be Not Proud (224), John Gunther

The Way West (352), A.B. Guthrie

Bound for Glory (320), Woodie Guthrie

Roots (912), Alex Haley

The Return of the Native (448), The Mayor of Casterbridge (400), Thomas Hardy

Bang the Drum Slowly (243), Mark Harris

The House of Seven Gables (432), Nathaniel Hawthorne

Catch-22 (464), Joseph Heller

Starship Troopers (263), The Number of the Beast (512), Stranger in a Strange Land (528), Robert Heinlien

The Sun Also Rises (251), Ernest Hemingway

All Creatures Great and Small (448), James Herriot

Hiroshima (132), John Hersey

Demian (116), Hermann Hesse

Kon-Tiki (304), Thor Heyerdahl

Hanta Yo (1109), Ruth Hill

The Outsiders (192), S.E. Hinton

The Iliad (576), The Odyssey (416), Homer

The Killing Fields, Christopher Hudson

Green Mansions (304), W.H. Hudson

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (528), Les Miserables (1488), Victor Hugo

Brave New World (288), Aldous Huxley

The American (142), The Turn of the Screw (121), Henry James

The Country of Pointed Firs (276), Sarah Orne Jewett

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (320), Ulysses (548), James Joyce

The Trial (304), The Castle (336), The Metamorphosis (76), Franz Kafka

Patch of Blue (142), Elizabeth Kata

Snow Country (192), Yasunari Kawabata

Zorba the Greek (320), Nikos Kazantzakis

Story of My Life (304), Teacher: Anne Sullivan Macy (256), Helen Keller

Profiles in Courage (304), John F. Kennedy

On the Road (416), Jack Kerouac

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (312), Ken Kesey

Flowers for Algernon (324), Daniel Keyes

Animal Dreams (352), Poisonwood Bible (576), Barbara Kingsolver

Shoeless Joe (272), W. P. Kinsella

Kim (320), The Jungle Book (240), Rudyard Kipling

Darkness at Noon (288), Arthur Koestler

Painted Bird (234), Jerzy Kosinski

The Historian (656), Elizabeth Kostova

Laughing Boy (208), Oliver LaFarge

Sons and Lovers (544), Women in Love (592), D.H. Lawerence

The Ugly American (288), William Lederer

The Left Hand of Darkness (320), Ursula LeGuin

Babbitt (362), Elmer Gantry (496), Main Street (480), Sinclair Lewis

How Green Was My Valley (512), Richard Llewellyn

The Call of the Wild (160), White Fang (188), Jack London

A Night to Remember (208), Day of Infamy (241), Walter H. Lord

Eric (352), Doris Lund

The Naked and the Dead (736), Norman Mailer

The Fixer (354), The Natural (231), Bernard Malamud

Autobiography of Malcolm X (528), Malcolm X

Death in Venice (160), Thomas Mann

Christy (576), Catherine Marshall

Of Human Bondage (704), The Razor’s Edge (320), Somerset Maugham

So Long, See You Tomorrow (144), William Maxwell

Dragonflight (320), Anne McCaffrey

The Road (304), Cormac McCarthy

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (368), Carson McCullers

Thousand Pieces of Gold (352), Ruthanne Lum McCunn

Paradise Lost (146), John Milton

Gone With the Wind (960), Margaret Mitchell

Never Cry Wolf (256), Farley Mowat

Lucifer’s Hammer (640), Larry Niven

Mutiny on the Bounty (400), James Nordhoff

The Octopus: A Story of California (382), Frank Norris

Appointment in Samarra (272), John O’ Hara

Animal Farm (128), Nineteen-Eighty-Four (368), George Orwell

The Oregon Trail (412), Francis Parkman

The Learning Tree (240), Gordon Parks

Doctor Zhivago (592), Boris Pasternak

Cry, The Beloved Country (320), Alan Paton

Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod (272), Gary Paulsen

The Bell Jar (288), Sylvia Plath

Gateway (288), Frederik Pohl

The Chosen (304), The Promise (384), Chaim Potok

Fountainhead (752), Atlas Shrugged (1200), Ayn Rand

The Yearling (480), Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

All Quiet on the Western Front (224), Erich Maria Remarque

Northwest Passage (709), Rabble in Arms (586), Kenneth Roberts

Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie (560), O.E. Rolvaag

Cyrano de Bergerac (240), Edmond Rostand

Cheyenne Autumn (284), Mari Sandoz

The Age of Reason (416), Nausea (192), Jean Paul Sarte

Clouds of Witness (288), Dorothy L. Sayers

Shane (160), Jack Schaefer

Ivanhoe (544), Sir Walter Scott

Frankenstein (236), Mary Shelly

On the Beach (320), Nevil Shute

Quo Vadis (418), Henry Sienkiewicz

The Jungle (480), Upton Sinclair

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (208), Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Cannery Row(192), East of Eden (601), John Steinbeck

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (144), Treasure Island (238),Robert Louis Stevenson

Dracula (438), Bram Stoker

Bless the Beasts and Children (196), Glendon Swarthout

Gulliver’s Travels (316), Jonathan Swift

The Kitchen God’s Wife (416), The Joy Luck Club (300?) Amy Tan

The Hiding Place (272), Corrie Ten Boom

Vanity Fair (498), William Makepeace Thackeray

Walden (336), Henry David Thoreau

The Hobbit (320), The Lord of the Rings (500) trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkein

Anna Karenina (864), War and Peace (1296), Leo Tolstoy

Fools of Fortune (224), William Trevor

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (242), Mark Twain

Saint Maybe (352), The Accidental Tourist (352), Anne Tyler

Rabbit, Run (272), John Updike

Slaughterhouse Five (288), Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

The Color Purple (304), Alice Walker

Jubilee (512), Margaret Walker

Ben Hur (620), Lew Wallace

All the King’s Men (672), Robert Penn Warren

Montana 1948 (186), Larry Watson

The Loved One (164), Evelyn Waugh

The War of the Worlds (138), H.G. Wells

The Day of the Locust (168), Nathanael West

Deathwatch (224), Rob White

The Picture of Dorian Gray (224), Oscar Wilde

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (160), Thornton Wilder

The Virginian (340), Owen Wister

You Can’t Go Home Again (720), Thomas Wolfe

Fifth Chinese Daughter (246), Jade Snow Wong

The Winds of War (896), War and Remembrance (1056), Herman Wouk

Black Boy (448), Richard Wright

Laura: The life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Donald Zochert

The Book Thief (576), Markus Zusak

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