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From The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, by Frank J. Doherty (p. 61): Arra Ferguson was at Cataraqui in 1784, 84, & 86

and was listed each time between Farrington and Rozel Ferguson. He was first at Fredericksburgh and the Loyalist List

noted -- Quebec, if not Adolphustown, Canada. He was a witness at Hallowell, 1/25/1832 for Herman Cole's marriage.

Notes from Wendy Daxon (2/9/2000): Arra Ferguson, Town Clerk of Hallowell 1812-1830 for all but 4 years

was renowned for his "exquisite penmanship." Arra received his crown patent for the property at 23 Ferguson Street on

October 26, 1816.

Served with his father and brothers in the Loyalist Corps. He married Catherine Shorts, of Butler's Rangers.

He was at Cataraqui in 1784, 1785, and 1786 and was listed each time between Farrington & Rozel Ferguson. He was

first at Fredericksburgh and the Loyalist List noted "Que. If not King's Rangers, as a P. L. 1786. (P.L. = Provision List

PDC )" He was later of Hallowell and Adolphustown, CN. He was a witness at Hallowell 1/25/1832 for Herman Cole's

(also spelled Heman, son of Bernard PDC ) marriage. Volunteers in the King's Rangers in 1784 were Richard,

Farrington, Assa (Arra) & Robert Ferguson.

Burr's Historical Sketches: ... Catherine Shorts became the wife of Arra Ham Ferguson who lived and died in

Picton. (Ham? --- possibly confused with Arra Ham VanDusen? PDC)

In 1792, he pledged L3 toward the building of the Hay Bay Methodist Church, no small contribution in a

community that lived more on barter than on cash, and from a young man who was only 22, but probably earning money

with his pen, drafting deeds. Arra & Catherina (in a deed dated 4/7/1819) gave a half-acre of land "for due Consideration

of good will for the Methodist Episcopal Church." They added a proviso that if the trustees did not erect a meeting-

house on the land, or refused any minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, or allowed ministers of any other

denomination to "preach, teach or expound any False Doctrine therein or ever to explain in their way the Holy Scriptures,"

then it would revert to the donors. The seven trustees to whom it was deeded were James Dougall, James R. Armstrong,

John Johnson, David Hopkins, Aaron Carnaham, Samuel Williams & Peter D. Conger (all of Hallowell township). The

deed apparently sparked some dissatisfaction, for the trustees returned the ownership of the lot to the Fergusons on 6/1/

1820, noting that they had by then "received a deed to their satisfaction." The next day, (6/2/1820) the new deed

returned the land to the trustees identifying it as a Methodist place, but with the conditions that the trustees "admit and

permit all such Protestant ministers and Preachers as shall be regularly authorised" to preach there. Thus, while an effort

was still made to assert some restriction with regard to orthodoxy, the offending clause was removed and a more tolerant

note injected. The deed was witnessed by Thomas Madden, preacher on the Hallowell Circuit, and Philander Smith, his

assistant. That year the first Picton chapel was erected.

Burial: Glenwood Cemetery, Picton

VanDusen Family History identifies Arra as a Minister of the Gospel

Military service: Bet. 1775 - 1783, King's Rangers, Major James Rogers, Commander

O C Land Grant: October 26, 1816, 23 Ferguson Street, Picton, Prince Edward Co., Ontario, Canada

Residence: Picton, Prince Edward Co., Ontario

Source: Richard Ferguson, Loyalist Spy, by Rae M. Campbell

Source2: The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, by F. Doherty, Sr.
Source: Richard Ferguson, Loyalist Spy, by Rae M. Campbell

Source2: The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, by F. Doherty, Sr.

Source3: Dr. Burleigh's papers of Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario (More Burleigh papers at the Rev. McAuley

Museum in Picton PDC)


Source5: VanDusen Family History, p. 620

Marriage: April 07, 1793, Prince Edward Co. Clergyman: Rev. D. Dunham
30. ARRA5 FERGUSON, (Richard3-4, Thomas2, John1), was born ca. 1760-65 and served with his father and brothers

in the Loyalist Corps.

He m. Catherine, dau. of John Shorts of Butler’s Rangers. He was at Cataraqui in 1784, 1785 and 1786

and was listed each time between Farrington and Rozel Ferguson. He was first at Fredericksburgh and the Loyalist List

noted “Que. If not King’s Rangers, as a P.L 1786.”

He was later of Hallowell and Adolphustown, CN. He was a witness at Hallowell 25 Jan. 1832 for Hermon Cole’s

marriage. Arra Ferguson died 28 Feb. 1853, age 88 (born ca. 1765) and was buried in Picton, Ontario, CN. Volunteers in

the King’s Rangers in 1784 were Richard, Farrington, Assa (Arra) and Robert Ferguson.

Children: [UEL2, 91 and Loyalists in Ontario, 107].
i. Patience, b. 1794; O.C. 1815. She m. ___ Wait.

ii. Frederica, b. 1797; m. John Hare of Haldimand.

iii. Emanuel, b. 1799; dy.

iv. Rachel, b. 1801.

v. Amelia Shorts, b. 1803.

vi. Mary D.L., b. 1803; m. John

vii. Richard, b. 1806; d. 1880.

viii. John, b. 1807; died 1827.163

ix. Kitty Ann, b. 1809.

x. Son, b. 1812.

xi. Barbara Monk, b. 1818. A Barbara Ferguson married Conrad Tobey who was born 1816, son of John and Hannah

(Van Deusen) Tobey of Adolphustown.164

16S. Catherine Shorts

O C Land Grant: July 08, 1797, Loyalists in Ontario, by W. D. Reid

From The Hay Bay Guardian, Vol. 5, 1997: She was brought to Adolphustown in 1784 by her Loyalist uncle, Casper

Hoover, who had married Barbara Monk, Rosannah's sister.

Gravestone says Died Aged 80.

17. Rozel Ferguson U.E.

Ferguson, Rozel Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh Son of Richard Ferguson, U.E. Ld. Board certificate. 1794. 200. (Reid

list shown as Rozel of Fredericksburgh) He would have to be 21 to have land, so birth abt 1773.

History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, With Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte. PENINSULA OF PRINCE

EDWARD. page 479

"On the first day of January 1800, the settlement at East Lake, in the township of Hallowell, consisted of the following

families, in the following order, commencing at Silas Hills, at the head of East Lake, near the place now known as the

Cherry Valley, and proceeding around the north side of lake, viz:– "Colonel John Peters and family, half-pay officer;

Major Rogers and family, do; David Friar, Mr. Friar, U. E. L.; Roswell Ferguson, do; Elisha Miller, do; Blasdall Tailor;

Caleb Elsworth, Lieut. Heny Young, half-pay officer; Henry Young, Jun., U.E.L.; Augustus Spencer, half-pay officer;

George Wait, U. E. L.; Benjamin Wait, do; William Dyre, do; George Elsworth."

History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, With Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte. HALLOWELL. page 481

The first record of this township is at follows: "The annual meeting of the inhabitants of the township of Hallowell, held

on Monday, the fifth day of March, 1798, held by virtue of an act of the legislature of the Province of Upper Canada,

before Augustus Spencer, and John Stinson, Jun., two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, the following persons were

chosen town officers for the ensuing year:" Rozel Ferguson, Town Clerk; Caleb Elsworth, and Peter D. Conger,

Assessors; James Blakely, and Thomas Goldsmith, Town or Church Wardens; Benjamin Wail, John Miller, Owen

Richards, Henry Zufelt, Ichabod Boweman, Aaron White, Carey Spencer and George Baker, Overseers of Highways and

Fence Viewers; Daniel Young, and Isaac Bedal, Pound Keepers; Samson Striker, Henry Johnson, Samuel Williams, and

Isaac Garret, Constables.
From Conny Green: "From what I have gleaned regards the death date of Rozell, b abt 1776 it took place abt 1828.....

There was a piece I received from a woman who did research on Rozel's son, Daniel b. 1801. Daniel Ferguson did not

apply for his O.C. land until very late in his adult life. At the time he declared he was Rozel's son, and that his parents

had both died in the 1820' I think you have either made a typo, or there is something amiss here.....since in the same

paragraph you DO say he died in two different years."
FD- ROZEL5 FERGUSON, (Richard4-3, Thomas2, John1), was probably born ca.1750 in DC and was a Loyalist like

his brothers.

He was listed as a single man at Cataraqui 6 Oct. 1784 and was next to Arra and Farrington Ferguson.

In 1785 he was also there, again next to Arra and Farrington Ferguson and was the same in July/August 1786.

After the War he lived at Marys & Sophiasburgh and was noted as son of Richard Ferguson.

He had a UE Land Board certificate in 1794 for 200 acres.

A later Roswell Ferguson married Mary, dau. of William and Hannah (Lossing) Rankin of Athol.

i. Miles of Ameliasburgh, Order on Council [O.C.] July 1839.

ii. John H. of Hallowell. [O.C. 1835]. John H. Ferguson married

Deborah, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Palmer) Dorland of Hillier.

John H. and Deborah had children: Susan, married 1857 James

North Carter; Albert, Ruth A., Emma, Elizabeth J. and Catherine A.

iii. Jane; m. Orange O. Ogden.

iv. Jacob of Hallowell; m. Ann Eliza ___. They had children: Sarah

Ann, b. 1835, Miles, b. 1838 and Matilda Jane, b. 1841.

v. Maria.

vi. Rachel; m. John Brooks Sr. of Hillier.

vii. Elizabeth.

viii. Daniel.
There is this family:

Harry C. FERGUSON Self M Male W 73 CAN Farmer NY NY

Catharine FERGUSON Wife M Female W 68 CAN Housekeeping NY NY

Arthur FERGUSON Son S Male W 28 CAN At Home CAN CAN

Farrington FERGUSON GSon S Male W 7 MI At School MI MI

Daniel FERGUSON Brother W Male W 78 CAN NY NY

1880 Census Place Berlin, St. Clair, Michigan

Family History Library Film 1254604 NA Film Number T9-0604 Page Number 10C

17S. Mary

Mary --- From John Schneider of Florence SC.

From Conny Green:

" I have reason to believe that Rozel, b. 1775/76 might have married Mary Pettit, d/o Daniel Pettit and Elizabeth Platt, of

Hallowell. In an attempt to eliminate male Fergusons, he is one that is left to be likely spouse, and, although IGI can't

always be trusted, I see a marriage to Mary and another to May, giving no family name, with the same offspring, namely:

Miles, John H. Jacob, Marie abt 1819, Rachel, Elizabeth and Jane b 1811.

The marriage date of abt 1799/1800 is agreeable with Mary Pettit's age, having been born abt 1780. I have a death date

for a Mary Ferguson at Bloomfield Cem, (Quaker ground), PE Co, Ont, in 1846 and this Mary is of the correct age to be

Pettit's dau. although she was not mentioned in her father's will which was written in 1831. (I suspect some alientation

due to religious differences)

Homepage, (Daniel Pettit family): Http:// "

18. Rachel Ferguson U.E.

This marriage date from Frank Doherty would make her rather young... perhaps her birth year is earlier.

19. Eleanor Ferguson

Elenor, b. 25 Feb. 1756, bp. 26 June 1757. [RECORD 1879:137];

m. Isaac Vail. They had 7 children and lived at Halfmoon.

Her bp. was performed at Fishkill but recorded in St. George’s Church at Hempstead.

She died 8 June 1830 and Isaac Vail then married one of her sisters. JD

20. Charles Ferguson

William Radcliff Jun. offered a $20 reward for the capture of C. Ferguson who escaped from the DC prison on the

evening of the 13th instant. (Feb. 1798). Ferguson was late of the town of Beekman, a farmer, and was in prison “because

he was indicted by sundry indictments for having passed several counterfeit Notes on the bank of the United States. He

was about 5’ 10” high of a light complexion, light short hair, slender built. Has on a light colored coat and waistcoat,

homespun overalls and boots. It is expected he rode off on a bay gelding about 15 hands high, thin in flesh. He is

exceedingly fond of exchanging horses & racing & may probably be found at such places.” [PJ 20 Feb. 1798].

On 14 Feb.1798 Nelly Losee of Beekman, spinster, Elias DeLong and Nathan Myers were bound before the local court.

Nelly Losee was charged with “aiding, assisting and affecting the escape of Charles Ferguson, a prisoner.” [AD#14512].

Charles Ferguson and Farrington Ferguson Jr. were subscribers to the horse protection society in Beekman in 1795.
Charles Ferguson, son of Farrington, did not die in Dutchess but went to Ontario, Canada and died ca. 1838 in

Haldimand Township, Northumberland Co

20S. Mary Delong?

Mary Ferguson was arrested for assisting her husband Charles escape indictment. He had passed four counterfeit notes

on the bank of the US. [AD #14950]. Previously Isaac Weeks had posted surety for Charles Ferguson. [23

Jan. 1790, CP]. On 1 Sept. 1798 Mary Ferguson and Nelly Losee were indicted for assault and battery and pleaded not

guilty. George Losee and Richard Delong were bound in appearance bonds of $200. [Oyer & Terminer Court].

21. Catherine Ferguson

Catherine, b. 1758, bp. 25 May 1760 at RPCh; m. Gerrit Snedeker, 15 March 1777.

“Gerrit Snedeker and Cathrina Farguson, both of Beekmans Prect. married after the third publication. (15 March 1777).”


She died 26 Oct. 1824 after having eleven children, including a son Farrington.

Gerrit Snedeker and his brother Jacob, who married Charlotte Ferguson, were sons of Christaien and Mary (Baker)


22. Rachel Ferguson

Rachel; m. Chauncy Losee 16 Sept. 1780 at Hopewell

24. Jane Ferguson

Jane, m. Barent Harris 7 Dec 1776. She was noted as born Oswego. [NHRCh, HRCh].

He died at Half Moon ca. 1819 and his widow and Richard Clute posted a bond of $500.

On 20 April 1827, Jane Harris, widow of Barent Harris, deceased, petitioned that her dower rights be granted for 13 acres

in Half Moon which her husband had conveyed to their son Gilbert who had died in 1823. [RECORD 1953:223].108

25. Farrington Ferguson


page 641 (continued)


Johannes Vermilye, the patentee, was common ancestor of all who in this country bear the name of Vermilye or

Vermilyea. His father, Isaac Vermeille, has been already the subject of notice, before as well as after he emigrated with

his family, in 1662. Welcomed to Harlem by some of his former acquaintances, Vermeille's worth was recognized by an

appointment to command a military company in 1663. Later he served two terms as magistrate. Buying the northern end

(a morgen) of lot No. 5, Van Keulen's Hook, probably from Montagne, his son-in-law, he built a house, planted fruit

trees, and here made his home. His house occupied a spot nearly central of the block between First and Second Avenues

and 122d and 123d Streets. Vermeille held no other farming land, no doubt having some other calling suited to his now

advanced years, perhaps with his son in the brewery. He was living August 29, 1676, when he witnessed the will of Aert

Pietersen Buys and wife, Jenneke Cornelis, of Fordham, and on September 4, ensuing, Vermilye, either father or son, is

called "clerk". Observing that on the death of Jean le Comte, in 1675, there was paid "To Isaac Vermeille, for the burial, f.

12," we think he performed the office of "clerk" for the French resi-

page 642
dents at Harlem. He probably died in 1676, and is not among the proprietors, February 19, 1677, when his house and lot

stand in the name of Johannes.* Isaac's children were Johannes, aforesaid; Abraham, who had no issue; Maria, born 1629,

who married John La Montagne and Isaac Kip, and Rachel, born 1637, who married John Terbosch and Derick Wessels.
Johannes Vermelje, as he wrote his name, was born in 1632 at Leyden.** Coming here in ripe manhood, and uniting in

his character the sterling traits of the French and Dutch, he was made a court messenger in 1665, and constable in 1667,

being for this year also farmer of the excise; previous to which he had set up a brewery. August 27, 1670, then holding

the position of magistrate, he married Aeltie, daughter of Resolved Waldron; when he probably built upon an erf,

procured some years before, but which is first taxed in 1671. It lay in the Judah plot. (See pages 236, 237, 285.) Mr.

Vermilye took a leading part both in civil and church affairs. In the political crisis of 1689 he was chosen one of the

Committee of Safety, which, on June 8 of that year, appointed. Capt. Jacob Leisler to be "captain of the fort", and on

August 16 signed his commission as "commander-in-chief" of the province. Taking a seat in Leisler's council, December

11 ensuing, he was sent soon after upon an embassy to New Haven. He continued a member of the council till a sudden

end was put to Leisler's rule by the coming of Col. Sloughter, March 20, 1691, by whose orders Leisler and his council

(Vermilye included) were "committed to the guards", on a charge of high treason. The execution of Leisler and Milborne,

but two months later, seemed to Vermilye and his fellow-prisoners to forebode a similar fate. But after a painful suspense

of over seventeen months they were liberated by Governor Fletcher, on his arrival, and were pardoned by the king

February 20, 1693. Vermilye survived this trying ordeal but a short period, as he was deceased in March, 1696. His

widow sold out her lands at Harlem in 1715 to her nephew, John Delamater (see page 499), and died at Yonkers in 1734.
Johannes Vermilye (1), born at Leyden, Holland, in 1632, married Aeltie Waldron, August 27, 1670, had ten children,

and died in 1696.

Johannes (1) had issue:
2. Rebecca, baptized December 17, 1671, married Peter Bussing, June 7, 1700, had seven children.
* Bolton, History of Westchester County, volume ii. page 327, under date of 1694, copies the name of Capt. Isaac Van

Vleck as Vermilyea! Such carelessness is reprehensible.

** The letter j (with Hollanders) having the sound of our English y when the latter begins a word or syllable; Johannes

only conformed to the Dutch mode of writing his name, without changing its terminal pronunciation, which is well

preserved in the modern spelling Vermilye, but better (since e in Dutch, as in French, takes the sound of a) by Vermilyea.
page 643
3. Sarah, baptized October 4, 1673, married Teunis Dolsen, August 28, 1696, had one child.
4. Rachel, baptized November 10, 1675, married Charles Vincent, 1694.
5. Abraham No. 1, baptized December 19, 1677, died young.
6. Abraham No. 2, baptized January 24, 1680, was the father of seven children, and died in 1734.
7. Isaac, baptized April 1, 1682, married Josyntie Oblinus, January 16, 1707, had eight children, and died in 1767.
8. Maria, baptized April 13, 1684, married Peter Kierse, 1704.
9. Jacob, baptized November 24, 1686, died young.
10. John, who married first, Sarah Odell, October 29, 1713, had twelve children. He married second, Maritie ——?, and

died in 1782.

11. Hannah, born 1690, married Johannes Odell, October 29, 1713, had four children.
Isaac Vermilye (7), (son of Johannes), married January 16, 1707, Josyntie, daughter of Joost Van Oblinus, and widow of

Teunis Corssen, who left her with a child, Tennis, living in 1748. Isaac was an executor of his brother-in-law, John Van

Oblinus, and well sustained the good reputation so generally characteristic of the family. His will, made March 1, 1748,

was proved March 5, 1767. He had issue:

12. Isaac, born June 10, 1708, married Mehitabel Hadley, had eight children. Of Croton Valley.
13. Maritie, born May 12, 1711, married Jacobus Teller, had nine children.
14. John, born April 7, 1714, married Charity, daughter of Jacob Dyckman, had seven children. Of Kingsbridge

(Yonkers); succeeded to the land his father bought of Anthony Basley.

15. Peter, born 1725, married Mary (Polly) Pinckney, had ten children. Of Croton Valley.
16. Aeltie, who married John Teller, had ten children.
17. Sarah, who married ——? Valentine.
18. Rebecca, who married Jacob Dyckman, had eleven children.
19. Hannah, who married Isaac Odell.

John Vermilye (10), (son of Johannes), became rich in landed property, by buying up farms in Yonkers, about

Kingsbridge, from William and Benjamin Betts, Anthony Basley, etc. He lived till 1782, "far advanced in years," as he

says in his will, dated June 3, 1776, and proved November 2, 1786. He married Sarah Odell, October 29, 1713, but

before his death contracted a second marriage with Maritie ——?. He distributed his lands among his sons. He had issue

by first wife:

page 644
20. Antie (Anna), born 1719, married Abraham Brown, had two children, and died February 28, 1801.
21. Johannes (John), who married twice. His second wife was Jacomina Corsa, by whom he had two children.
22. Abraham, who married Mehitabel ——?, had six children, and died at Yonkers in 1784.
23. Joshua, who married Sarah Emans, had four children, and died in Westchester County in 1782.
24. Frederick, who married Catherine Nodine, May 27, 1763, had two children, and died in 1814.
25. Maritie, who married Dirck Van Arsdalen, January 29, 1767, had three children.
26. Sarah, who married Roger Downing, September 1, 1757, had two children.
27. Rebecca, who married George Wherts, had one child.
28. Aeltie, who married John Kortright.
29. Benjamin.
30. David, who married Patience ——?, had four children.
31. Gerardus, who married Jane Valentine, August 5, 1762, had seven children. He contributed toward building the

Reformed Dutch Church at Hopewell, N.Y.

Some of these removed to New York as early as 1792. John, Gerardus and David, before the Revolution, removed from

Yonkers to Lagrange, Dutchess County. They, in common with their kindred, had now for their French characteristics, at

least as to their speech, for it is known that John, called Honnes (Johannes), was wont to ask blessings in Dutch.

Isaac (12), (son of Isaac), had issue:

32. John, who married first, Mary Vermilye, had six children. He married second, Rachel ——?, and died in 1812.
33. Isaac, who married Mary ——?, had one child.
35. Joseph, who married Elizabeth Oblinus, 1782, had three children.
36. Rebecca, deceased.
37. Cynthia, who died unmarried.
38. Hannah.
39. Nancy, who married Solomon Owens, had one child.
40. Hester (Mehitabel), who married Ely Reynolds, had three children.

John (14), (son of Isaac),. had issue:

41. Jacob, born 1740, married first, Susannah Dyckman, April 10, 1766. He married second, Mary Dyckman, June 15,

1773, having ten children by both marriages, and, died January 31, 1814.

page 645
42. William, born 1749, married first, Mary Brower, April 10, 1773, had two children, and second, Mary Taylor, by
whom he had four children. He died March 8, 1822.
43. Isaac, who married Susannah, daughter of Jacob Myer, April 2, 1756, had six children. Of Yonkers.

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