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multiple family members during the course of the war.

13S. Frederica Grant

After the American Revolution, under the name Richard Ferguson, he married Frederica Grant at St. Jean, Quebec in

1784. Their marriage took a turn for the worst, and in 1799, while serving as a captain in the Royal Canadian Volunteers

in Niagara, they separated. In the deed of separation they "agreed henceforth for and during their respective natural lives

to live separate and apart." Ferguson promised "not to ever frequent her company or converse at any time with her and

shall not sue or disturb any person or persons that shall receive her into their habitations." The deed stipulated that while

Ferguson remained in His Majesty's service he would pay Frederica £50 annually for the first two years of their

separation and £66 annually thereafter. Ferguson was also required to "pay any debt she incurs."

Possibly in an attempt to escape the expensive terms of this statement, Ferguson changed his name to George R.

Ferguson when he joined the Canadian Fencibles in 1805.
Also she had a home in the Kingston area. Petitioned for a widow's pension.

13S. Clarissa Sherwood

Clarissa Sherwood was born in 1800 in Elizabethtown, Upper Canada. She married George Richard Ferguson in 1823 in

Ogdensburg, N.Y, USA.

Her estate was left to her niece and nephew.

14. Capt Farrington Ferguson U.E.

With his brothers in the Kings Rangers. Joined the British at Skeensborough in 1779. A Private under Captain Henry

Young. First settled on Jessup's land in Jessupsburg in 1774. Then went to Cameron's Neck, Albany County on a lease

from Gov. Robinson in 1775. In the Prince Edward County Militia (1812, etc). Promoted to Captain Aug 29 1823.

Could read & write well.


Ferguson, Farrington Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh, P. King's Rangers, P. Loyalist, 200. Genl. Haldimand, 1784, 100.

P.L. 1786. (Reid list, 12 children in Hallowell, Sophiasburgh and Marysburgh.)


“Claim of Israel, Richard and Farrington Ferguson, late of Albany Co.

Israel Ferguson appears & on being Sworn saith: He and his 2 brothers were

at St. John in the fall of 83. All in the King’s Rangers.

Are natives if America, Lived near Fort Edward. Had a farm in Partnership,

lived near each other. Israel joined the Brit. at Skeensboro in 77. Richard joined in

78, then very young. Farrington joined in 79. Then an infant. All served till the

end of the War. Now live at the Bay of Quinty.

They had settled on Jessup’s Land in Jessupsburg in 1774, which they quitted

after ___ [?making] some improvements. Then went to Camerons Neck. They

cleared between 8 & 10 acres. They had 300 acres on Cameron’s Neck, Albany

Co. They had an agreement for a lease from Govr. Robinson in 75, before the

War broke out, settled upon the land. When witness left it they had cleared 60

acres. Before he went away 2 horses taken. When he went away he left the

Things mentioned in the Schedule on the Lands. His younger Brothers would

have joined the Brit when he did but were too young, only 13 & 12.

After Israel went away his mother and sisters & one of his Brothers were

thrown in Gaol. She came to Canada as soon as she was released. His Father

came to Canada in 78. Israel Ferguson is authorized by all the family to receive

what may be allowed for their losses.

Produces a release from his Father to show he gives up all his Right to

Compensation to his sons, Israel receives pay as Lieut., Richard as Ensign.”

(A side note to this declaration states: “Good People”).

“Lieut. Philip Lansing, Wits.

Knew the Family. Remembers the Father employed in carrying Despatches of

Consequence, giving an acct. of the Rebel Army to Canada in the year 1776.

They were a very Loyal Family. Israel & his 2 brothers served in the Rangers.

The Mother and Sisters were imprisoned at Albany. The whole family came as

soon as they could get away into Canada.

They had Cattle & Various Things taken from them by the Rebels.”

“Lieut. Walter Sutherland, Wits. Knew all the three Brothers & the Father.

The whole Family were Loyal. The Brothers all served. They had a farm on

Cremmes Neck. They had it before the Rebellion. Witness was at the place in 78.

Thinks there were 40 or 50 acres clear. They had very good furniture & utensils,

& a good deal of it. Speaks of a fine Yoke of Oxen & Cows.”93

Another account notes: “The Fergusons were natives of America who lived at Fort Edward, where they owned a farm of

300 acres in partnership with their father, also called Richard. The brothers claimed a loss of £388 sterling and rec’d £48

Sterling.” [LAR]. The father gave a deposition 20 Nov. 1787 to the effect that his son’s testimony was correct. [ALC 153]



FD- "FARRINGTON FERGUSON, (Richard4-3, Thomas2, John1), was born ca. 1765, probably in Crum Elbow where

his father was taxed through June 1767 and removed with the family to Albany near Fort Edward. As noted above he was

too young to join the British when his brother Israel did but joined in 1779. He was on the Cataraqui Roll of Loyalists in

Oct. 1784 as a single man. He was next to Arra and Rozel Ferguson. He was there in 1785, again adjacent to Arra and

Roz (sic) Ferguson. In July/August 1786 he was still there listed as a single man, as were Ara Ferguson and Rosel

Ferguson. Farrington Ferguson the 3rd took refuge in Hallowell, Ontario, Canada after the Revolution and had a number

of children. He was most likely the man who married Elizabeth, b. 16 Nov., bp. 3 Dec. 1770 in Poughkeepsie, dau. of

Daniel and Maria (DeLong) Cole. [PRCh]."


Oct 10 1842, Will of Farrington Ferguson Sr:

... late of the Township of Athol

... bequeathed unto his wife, Elzabeth, all of his Estate real and personal, his farm number 15 1st conc East Lake, all

moveable property belonging to his estate and for her maintenance during her natural life.

... unto his son, Barney, after the death of his wife, Elizabeth, his farm # 15 containing 160 acres, all improvements,

house & barn, out houses, etc ... during his natural life by his paying unto his four sons in six years after the death of his

wife, Elizabeth, $50 cash, £12 10s to his son Farrington, £12 10s to son Israel, £12 10s to son Arra C, £12 10s to son


... After death of Barney, farm #15 to son Farrington's heirs and their heirs.

Witnessed by William Rankin* and Hannah, his wife, and Dyre Platt of Athol.
Registered by Elizabeth Ferguson, March 11 1843.
Witnessed by Dyre Platt and Arra Ferguson.

* Their daughter Mary L, married Rozel Ferguson.


History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, With Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte. PENINSULA OF PRINCE

EDWARD. page 479

"List of settlers on the south side of the lake.–Henry Zuveldt, (Zufelt) U. E. L.; Johnathan Ferguson, Sen., U. E. L.;

Johnathan Ferguson, Jun., do; Anthony Badgley, do; John Miller, do; Farnton Ferguson, do; William Blakely, do;

Sampson Striker, do; Barret Dyer, do; Daniel Baldwin, John Ogden, U. E. L.; Richard Ogden, do; Solomon Spafford,

Joseph McCartney, Joseph Lane, William Ensley, Col. Owen Richards, U. E. L.; James Clapp, do; Charles Ferguson."



Commencing the 7th March, 1808, and ending the 6th March, 1809.

The following, copied from an old Hallowell assessment list, cannot fail to impress readers, especially young readers, of

to-day. The very names must be dear to all who are descendants of the former landholders, while the proportions of

cleared and uncleared land at the date of the assessment should prove of considerable interest.
In addition to the figures here copied the roll contains columns headed houses; round logs; square timber, one storey and

fire-places; square timber, two storeys and fire-places; framed, under two storeys; brick or stone, one storey, with fire-

places; grist mill, run by water, and additional pair of stones; wind mill; saw mill; merchant shop; store houses; horses;

oxen; cows; cattle; swine; stills ; billiard tables; vessels of eight tons, etc.

There were 101 round log houses, 3 of square timber, 28 framed under two storeys, 1 brick or stone, 1 saw mill, 2

merchant shops, 146 horses, 105 oxen, 384 cows, 5 cattle, 90 swine, no stills, no billiard tables, no boats of eight tons,

and no wind mills.
Isaac Garrett, Aaron White, Thos. Bowerman, Henry Young, Arthur Elsworth and another Harry Young had four horses

each, all the rest fewer, Widow Dugal and Silas Hill had each two yoke of oxen, but the widow had also a span of horses,

while Silas had none. Ten cattle and six cows were owned by Thomas Bowerman, and these, with a yoke of oxen, four

horses, and two swine made him the largest stock owner in the township.

Among the largest landholders were Gideon Bowerman, with 1,500 acres; Ebenezar Washburn, with 1,150; James

Blakely, with 1,740; Barret Dyer, with 1,900, and Silas Hill, with 955 acres.

Peter Conger 130 70

Joseph Jinks 160 40

Charles Ferguson -- --

Henry Zuvalt 150 30

William Blackly 188 12

Henry Young 870 53

James Blakely 176 24

Daniel Young 300 53

Elisha Miller 668 40

Asia Warden -- 34

Henry Spafford -- 8

Rozel Ferguson 200 --

James Clapp 85 5

Jacob Fraighlie 60 40

Isaac Huff 175 25

Samuel Clapp 75 25

James Blakely 1,740 36

Barret Dyer 1,900 100

Silas Dyer 168 32

Richard Jinks -- --

Farrington Ferguson 172 50

Ashbert Gripen -- --

James Jackson 70 30

Wilkison Ferguson 64 36

Obadiah Cooper 160 40

Daniel Hare 260 40

Henry Young 325 75

Ebenezar Washhurn 1,150 40

Coonrade Coob [Cool?] 70 30

Stephen Conger 200 50

Thomas Goldsmith 570 60

Stephen Goldsmith 372 28

William Dyer 500 50

Samuel Wright 350 50

Daniel Hicke 150 50

Isaiah Tubs 60 30

Abraham Cole -- 20

Andrew Hykes -- --

Isaac Jackson 140 30

Jacob Jackson -- 20

Totals 31,178 5,194 (I have left out many names from this list. PDC)
I do certify that the within is a true copy of the assessment of Hallowell, for the year of our Lord 1808.

ALLAN MacLEAN, Clerk of the Peace, (Signed) GILBERT DORLAND, JOHN PLATT, Midlands District.


14S. Elizabeth Cool U.E.

I have an excellent ambrotype photo of her taken in the 1850's. She died in 1866 at her grandson, Robert Jackson's home

at Black Creek. He has included in the photo case, a note about her. "Elizabeth Furgeson likness. Lived till she was 103

years old and quite smart."


Prince Edward County Probate Records, Wills:

Surrogate Court; Action 109 In the goods of Elizabeth Ferguson

Petition for Grant of administration
This packet includes the following:

1) Order by Judge Fairfield that a grant of probate be made to Robert Jackson - Oct 9, 1866 - order based on the

following petitions etc (IE. Robert' Jackson was named to dispose of E. Ferguson's goods)

2) Administration Bond, stating: Oct 6, 1866 Robert Jackson, Rowland Jackson and William Henry Richey Allison of the

Town of Picton post bond, of $1200 on condition that Robert Jackson be named administrator of the late Elizabeth

Ferguson's estate naming her death date as September 1866

3) In the Surrogate Court – in the goods of Elizabeth Ferguson we, Rowland Jackson of Twp. Marysburgh and. William

Henry Richey Allison of the same place make oath that we are the proposed Sureties for Robert Jackson and both are

worth $1000. Oct 6, 1866.

4) Oath by Robert Jackson that be is applying to be named administrator of E. Ferguson's goods, that he has searched

unsuccessfully for any will, and that he is sure she died without any will Sep 25, 1966

5) Oath by RobertJackson that he is applying to be named administrator of her estate and that he believes her effects to be

worth $425.

6) Oath by Robert Jackson that he is applying as administrator, that she died on or about Sept 4, 1866, Twp Marysburgh,

that she was a widow leaving 14 children, all surviving, and all over 21 years old. Also that he has been doing her

business for her for several years and that she resided at his house "for some time" previous to her death, Also that; he

will faithfully administer her personal estate, paying all her debts and distributing the residue, if any, according to law.

Sept 25, 1866.

7) Also a petition Sept; 15, 1866, stating all the above information, nothing new, asking that Robert' Jackson be named


Note: William Henry Richey Allison was Robert Jackson's attorney.


" Author: Ann Sherwood Date: 11 Jun 2000 12:00 PM GMT

I am looking for any and all descendants of Farrington Ferguson 1763-1843 and Elizabeth Cole 1770-1866. They had 16

children: Arra C. m. Catherine Pettit; Barney; Daniel; Farrington Jr. m. 1st Mindwell Tubbs, 2nd Eliza DeGroff; Israel m.

Rebecca Alley; James m. Charlotte Goodrich; Catherine m. Ashphahel Crippen; Charlotte m. Peter Dainard; Eleanor m.

1st Unk. Cole, 2nd. John Dainard; Elizabeth m. Andrew Dainard; Esther/Hester m. Elijah Jinks; Huldah m. Ira Brown;

Mary m. Rowland Jackson; Patience m. John Cole; Rachel m. 1st. Henry Garretsee, 2nd. Hezekiah Clark, 3rd Adam

Shortt; and Sarah m. Enoch Cronk. "


An Assessment For The Township of Hallowell

This Eighteenth of July, 1798

(Thank you to Peter Warwick for his donation of this information to the Lennox and Addington - Prince Edward County

GenWeb Project.)

The following came from the "Appendix To The Report Of The Ontario Bureau Of Industries", Warwick Bro's & Rutter,

Toronto, 1899

"Copied May 12, 1899 from the original list now in the possession of Mrs. W. H. Allison, Picton, a grand-daughter of

Stephen Conger, and daughter Of John P. Roblin, for years M.P.P. and County Registrar of Prince Edward". - Thomas

W. Casey
First Class Rated (2.6)
Daniel Pettet James Rogers

John Platt David McG. Rogers

Joseph McCartney John Peters

C. Huyck Corey Spencer

Jonathan Ferguson, Jr. David Conger

Daniel Tubs Jonathan Bowerman

John Miller Joseph Turwiliger

Solomon Spafford William Cunningham

John Richards Curnelous Blunt

Owen Richards Aaron White

John Elles Jacob Cronk

William Dyre Isaac Garratt

Jacob Rattan Joseph Jinks

Arthur Youmans Ebenezer Palmer

David Youmans Henery Zeufelt
Second Class Rated (5.0)
Peter Designea Conger Rozel Farguson

Ichabode Bowerman Elisha Miller

Daniel Young Henry Young, Jr.

Joseph Winn Benjamin Weight

Caleb Platt Augustos Spencer

Jonathan Ferguson, Sr. Thos. Goldsmith

Faranton Ferguson Andrew Johnson

Samson Striker Henery Johnson

Giles Hill Thomas Bowerman

John Ogden Daniel Rossell

Third Class Rated (7.6)

Henery Young, Sr. Thos. Richardson

Samuel Williams Stephen Conger

Stephen Hare

Fourth Class Rated (10.0)
John Stinson Abraham Peterson

James Blakeley

Fifth Class Rated (12.6)
Barret Dyre
Tenth Class Rated (15.0)

Caleb Elsworth

Under List Rated
Peter Mabee Jas. Walters

John Zeufelt Jasey Walters

Abram Winn George Baker

Wilkeson Ferguson Isaac Bedell

John Sikels Samuel Walters

John Spencer Ruban Walters

Joseph Lane Amos Bull

Barnabas Wemp Charles Cunningham

John Frear John Striker

David Frear Nathaniel White

Doctor Prindel Samuel McCoy

Henery Bartley Anthony Badgsley

Gideon Bowerman William Dorris

Stephen Bowerman

Approved by us: Jno. Peters / gts Spencr, C.F.

Assessed by us: Caleb Elsworth / Peter Designea Conger, Assessors

15S. Jacob (HOOVER) Hover

Hoover, Jacob Sophiasburgh (Reid list.) (Olde U.E. lists shows a Jacob Hover, Adolphustown.) (Stamped Book) Son of

Caspar (Also Adolphustown) L.B.M., 1790, 100. No bounty land. 1786, P. list.

15S. Conrad VanDusen

In Butlers Rangers. A Tailor in New York. Served the whole of the war.

Tavern keeper lot 16 until 1814 when he moved from Adolphustown to Marysburgh and largest contributor to the first

Vanduzen, Conrad Marysburgh (Reid list) Olde U.E.L. list shows Conrod Vanduzen, Adolphus Town. Loyalist P.L.

1786, from New York A.McL.

From Bob Campbell:

According to OCFA, Conrad Van Dusen is buried in the U.E.L. Memorial Burial Ground, Adolphustown and not Union

Cem, Oshawa, Ont.

16. Arra Ferguson U.E.

A fine penman and on many documents and "a minister of the Gospel".

OC July 8 1797, Feb 6 1828.

Ferguson, Arra --- Hallowell & Adolphustown (Reid list.) An Aaron Ferguson listed in U.E. list Fredericksburgh with

note: Que., if not Kings Rangers, as a P.L. 1786.

History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, With Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte. SETTLEMENT OF

There is in the Township Records, a Return of the inhabitants for 1794, March, with the names of each family, and the

number of members in each. They are as follows: Ruben Bedell, 5; Paul Huff, 6; Solomon Huff, 10; William Griffis, 5;

Caspar VanDusen, [p.455] 6; Nicholas Peterson, 8; Nicholas Peterson, Sen. 3; Isaac Bern, 1; Thomas Jones, 4;

Alexander Fisher, 10; James McMasters, 8; James Stephenson, 1; Russel Pitman, 7; Joseph Clapp, 4; George Brooks, 6;

John Halcom, 3; Martin Sherman, 3; Joseph Cornell, 5; Peter Valleau, 5; William Clark, 6; Joseph Clark, 1; Albert

Cornell, 8; Peter Delrya, 4; John Huyck, 6; Alexander Campbell, 5; Buryer Huyck, 2; Albert Benson, 4; Gilbert Bogart, 2;

Abraham Bogart, 3; Christopher German, 5; William Casey, 6; Edward Barker, 3; David Kelly, 4; Battin Harris, 8; John

Canniff, 13; Nathaniel Solmes, 10; Peter Wanamaker, 4; Garret Benson, 1; William Mara, 4; John Roblin, 3; John Elms,

3; John Wood, 2; Peter Ruttan, Jun'r., 3; Owen Roblin, Jun'r., 2; Owen Roblin, Sen'r., 8; Benjamin Clapp, 8; George

Rutter, 7; Jacob Bullern, 6; Cornelius VanHorn, 6; Robert Jones, 5; Paul Trumper, 8; William Hanah, 4; Michael Slate, 4;

Peter Ruttan, Sen., 5; Denis Oscilage, 1; Joseph Carahan, 8; Thomas Dorland, 6; Philip Dorland, 9; Willet Casey, 8;

Peter VanAlstine, 3; John VanCott, 7; David Brown, 3; Peter Sword, 2; William Brock, 5; Nicholas Hagerman, 8;

Cornelius Stouter, 3; Abraham Maybee, 7; Henry Tice, 3; Thomas Wanamakers, 1; William Button, 5; Joseph Allison, 2;

John Fitzgerald, 2; Matthew Steel, 5; Conrad Vandusen, 5; Henry Hover, 3; Arra Ferguson, 2; Henry Redner, 4; Andrew

Huffman, 4; Daniel Cole, 11; Henry Davis, 5; James Noxen, 1.–Total 402.

History of the Settlement of Upper Canada, With Special Reference to the Bay of Quinte. HALLOWELL. page 482

At the first township meeting, "it was enacted that no fence is to be lawful in the township under the height of four feet

eight inches high, sufficiently made." Horses, horned cattle, hogs, sheep, were to be permitted to run at large with certain

exceptions. "It is enacted that if any freeholder shall suffer any Canadian thistle to go to seed on his farm, he shall forfeit

and pay the sum of twenty shillings." A law was also passed, that if any one set fire to any rubbish or brush, whereby his

neighbors property was endangered, without previously making two of his neighbors acquainted, he should pay a fine of

forty shillings, to be expended for the benefit of the highways. Rozel Ferguson, who seems to have discharged his duty as

Town Clerk, recording the proceedings in a neat legible hand, was successfully elected to that office for ten years. In

1810, [p.482] James R. Armstrong was appointed, and again the following year. The next following, Arra Ferguson was

elected, who continued in office three years, when Simeon Washburn received the appointment, and remained in office

two years, when Arra Ferguson was again selected, and continued for three years. Robert Scott was Town Clerk two

years, and then again followed Arra Ferguson for eight years. William Barker then was appointed.

From Kate Cook:

Arra of Hallowell and Adolphustown was a Town Clerk of Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. He

performed those duties as an elected official in about 1812 (after Bazel Rozel PDC Ferguson and performed those duties

since March 5, 1798) and Arra was in that position for 11 years between 1812 and 1830, losing to elections in between

those times. He was a "man of standing" in township politics for some time. He was enlisted with The King's Rangers

(commanded by James Rogers, brother of Maj. Robert Rogers of Rogers' Rangers) as a spy for the British. The King's

Rangers were under the ultimate command of Gen. Burgoyne's British Army. (Source: fragments from various email

communications without notations)

1784 -- In a Loyalist List as King's Rangers under the command of Maj. James Rogers. First settled in

Fredericksburgh Township, Lot 12, Con. 1. By 1797, he had received 300 acres, sold parts of it, bought and sold more

land and worked as a clerk and conveyancer. Basically, he was a land speculator.

April 7, 1793 -- Married Catherine Shorts (b. 1772) daughter of John W. Shorts and Rosannah Monk. They

lived at 23 Ferguson Street, Picton, Ontario in a cottage-style home with 1 1/2 stories and an entrance combining window

and doorway. One descendant indicated that Arra was "minister of the Gospel," using Rev. before his name... it isn't

proven out yet. (a Rev Wm Lamb in Toronto has been doing research on the early Methodist church and had shown

interest in Arra F in the past. I can see if I can find his email address. PDC)

1806 -- Moved to Hallowell Township, Prince Edward Co., and was one of the founders of Hallowell Bridge,

now Picton. His property included lots 23 & 24 in Con. 3 of the Military Tract.

1812 -1831 -- Was Hallowell Town Clerk four times, serving 14 years, including his first term, 1812-1815,

during the critical war years.

1861 -- Catherine died about this time.

The Van Deursen Family History gives two different lists for Arra's children: 1) includes a Patience and a

Rachel, 2) includes only Catherine, Milly and Mary.

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