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Name: __________________________________ Date: _______________ Period: _________ (On-Level)
Unit 10: Civil Rights in Texas (Ch. 24-26) - People ID
NOTE: An asterisk * means that these IDs cannot be located in your textbook. Also, use your study guide to put the correct TITLE for each ID (if necessary).

ID Name Bank

1. Raymond L. Telles 6. Diane Gonzalez Bertrand 11. James Farmer 16. George H. W. Bush

2. James A. Baker, III 7. Lyndon B. Johnson 12. Henry B. Gonzalez 17. Lulu Bell Madison White

3. Raul A. Gonzalez 8. Scott Joplin 13. Barbara Jordan 18. Walter Prescott Webb

4. Amado Pena, Jr. 9. Horton Foote 14. Phil Gramm 19. Kay Bailey Hutchison

5. Howard Hughes, Sr. 10. Dr. Hector Garcia 15. George W. Bush 20. J. Frank Dobie

  1. __________________________ President after assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Signed

the Civil Rights Act (1964) and Voting Rights Act (1965) into law.

  1. __________________________ Founded the American G.I. Forum to help veterans (especially

Mexican-American) to obtain an education and health care.

  1. __________________________ Civil Rights leader who founded the Congress of Racial Equality

(CORE) which promoted nonviolent ways to protest for civil rights

and equality.

  1. __________________________ Civil rights activist devoted to the struggle against Jim Crow laws

in Texas during the 1940s and 1950s. Campaigned for the right to

vote, equal pay for equal work, and desegregation of public

facilities for African-Americans.

  1. __________________________ 46th Governor of Texas from 1995-2000. Ran for President and

became 43rd President from 2001-2009. Father was also a U.S.


  1. __________________________ Democratic U.S. House of Representatives elected member who

served in the Reagan administration during the 1980s. As part of

the House Budget Committee, he co-authored President Reagan’s

economic program. Democrats were upset with over the

economic policy and removed him from the Budget Committee.

He ran again as a Republican and won his seat back in the House

of Representatives.

  1. __________________________* Texas Republican Party leader who served as Chief of Staff in

President Ronald Reagan’s first term in office and Secretary of the

Treasury during Reagan’s second term. He served as Secretary of

State during George H.W. Bush’s term in office. Now serves as honorary Chairman at Rice University – Houston.

  1. __________________________ U.S. Congressman from Texas who fought for equality in health

care, housing, and justice for all.

  1. __________________________ 41st U.S. President from 1989-1993. Vice President under Ronald

Reagan for two terms from 1980-1988. Son later became the 43rd

U.S. President.

  1. __________________________* First Hispanic appointed or elected to statewide office in 1978.

He served as a Judge in the 103rd Judicial District, Texas State

Court of Appeals, 13th District of Texas, and the Texas State

Supreme Court.

  1. __________________________ First female ever elected as U.S. Senator from Texas who brought

many federally funded projects to Texas. Retired from U.S.

Congress last year.

  1. __________________________ First African-American to serve in the Texas state senate in a

century and the first African-American woman from the South to

ever serve in the U.S. Congress.

  1. __________________________* Famous aviator, film producer, and billionaire from Houston. He

designed and built airplanes for speed-completion and military.

He sold many patents and designs for airplanes, cars, and machine


  1. __________________________* First Mexican-American mayor of a major U.S. city. Elected as

Mayor of El Paso, Texas in 1948.

  1. __________________________* Mexican-American author from San Antonio who wrote

children’s and young adult books focusing on Mexican-American

characters (e.g. Trino’s Choice (1999), The Last Doll (2001), and

Directory: cms -> lib2 -> TX01001414 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 2759
Domain -> 1 British interference with American shipping 2 British impressment of American sailors 3 British support of Native Americans in the west
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2759 -> Progressivism & World War 1 in Texas (Ch. 20-21) Progressive Movements in Texas
2759 -> Test/Due Date Unit 3 Plan – Mexican Texas: Colonization & Rebellion teks learning Targets
2759 -> Unit 4: Mexican Texas Colonization Through Rebellion against Spanish Rule in the Early 1800s
2759 -> Unit 5: texas revolution part 2 era big Idea

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