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04.06 Foreign Policy: Assessment

The goal of this assignment is to help you understand how the United States, along with United Nations, attempts to address world human rights issues and crisis through foreign policy. Follow the template as a step-by-step guide to meet all the requirements for this submission.

Step 1: Identify a foreign human rights issue (an issue in another country other than the United States) that the U.S. and the United Nations are currently attempting to solve. The lesson gives you some ideas for this. Some foreign issues today are:

Child Soldiers (ex. Sudan, Yemen, Somalia)

Ethnic Cleansing (ex. Libya, Kashmir, Darfur)

Prisoners' Rights (ex. Iran, Guantanamo Bay)

Violence Against Women (ex. Afghanistan, Chad)

Repression of Political Dissent (nation other than Cuba, ex. Egypt, Syria)

Step 2: Once you have decided on a topic that interests you, begin your research. Remember research is called, “ re search” because you repeat the steps needed in order to find the information. You can explore the websites for Human Rights Watch, the US Department of State, the United Nations, CNN World Edition is also a great resource for the latest information on human rights issues impacting various countries around the world.

Step 3: While researching please find the following information you will need for the assignment.

Origins–How did the human rights issue come about? Who does it affect and how? How does it affect human rights?

Responses–How is the United States government responding to the issue? How are other governments both inside and outside the situation responding to the problem? How do these responses relate to the foreign policy spectrum of approaches you studied in the lesson (isolationism, diplomacy, interventionism, imperialism)?

Evaluation–Are the efforts and policies enacted by governments and international organizations successful? What would you recommend be done to better address the human rights issue?

Step 3: Citations. Please copy all of your research citations used in the assignment. Citation Machine can help you automate this task if you do not understand MLA citations.

04.06 Foreign Policy: Assessment


Humans Right’s Issue:

Foreign Policy Approach Used (isolationism, diplomacy, interventionism, imperialism):

Websites and Sources used for research (MLA Citation)

Source 1:

Source 2:

Source 3:

Source 4:

Human Right’s Issue Origin:

Response of United States and United Nations (details and specifics are very important):

Evaluation: What do you think about the response’s effectiveness?

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