Guide to develop a 12-month marketing plan and integrate it into your company’s business plan

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Small Business Marketing Plan

A well-designed marketing plan can help you raise awareness of your business, attract more customers and boost sales. Use this guide to develop a 12-month marketing plan and integrate it into your company’s business plan.

Step 1: Review the Market

Your plan needs an introductory section – a description of where your business stands today and how you intend to put your marketing plans in place (or change them) and what this will mean to your business the next 12 months.
Your introductory section will contain:

  • A description of your business - What products or services do you offer?

  • A description of your market or business environment:

    • Are there sections of you target market that are underserved and will your product or service fill that void? If so, write a brief explanation of what this market is like and how your products are going to get the attention of the consumer.

    • Does the market want or value your service or product? Why?

    • Is there enough money to be made with your product or service in your target market?

    • How much of a profit will you need to make for your business to pay off?

  • Does your business benefit from any distinct marketing advantages?

    • Is your product or service already well known?

    • Do you have high customer loyalty?

    • Do the local trade organizations endorse your product?

  • The marketing challenges you face:

    • Do you lack brand recognition?

    • Do you face a limited budget?

  • The current location of your competition:

    • Does the competition within this market leave room for you to be competitive?

    • Is your geographic location a positive or a negative?

  • What are your competition’s weaknesses? How can you use those weaknesses to your advantage?

    • Your competitor’s failure to provide flexible service may be an area you can exploit.

    • Does the competition ignore the local market?

  • Are there any foreseeable outside influences on your business?

    • Have laws or statutes related to your business been changed?

    • Will future area construction affect your current traffic patterns?

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