Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

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As the economic and strategic influences in our region of the world continue to shift, Australia’s approach to national security must vary accordingly. Our changing domestic and international environment presents important national security challenges as well as opportunities that we must seize. Ensuring that our capability planning remains flexible and innovative and supports robust policy development is key to achieving this objective.

Under the strong strategic direction set by the National Security Strategy, national security capability planning will continue to support the strategy’s eight pillars with additional effort guided toward the priorities of enhanced regional engagement, integrated cyber policy and operations, and effective partnerships. Capability planning provides Government with a clear picture of our existing capability and where effective partnerships can be made to achieve these priorities. The Australian Government’s approach also enables opportunities for collaborative research and development activities across the national security community.

Capability planning adds an important layer to the strong foundation of Australia’s national security, enabling the Australian Government to consolidate and strengthen its existing capability, while also allowing new and emerging opportunities to be pursued to ensure a safe and secure Australia and to shape and promote a more stable, prosperous and secure region and world.

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