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Case study: Australian Cyber Security Centre

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Case study: Australian Cyber Security Centre

Every day, Australian governments, businesses and individuals face a range of cyber‑related threats. If left unchecked, these have the potential to undermine confidence in our social and economic stability and our prosperity. On 23 January 2013, the Australian Government announced that an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) would be established. Located in the Ben Chifley Building, the ACSC will form the hub of the Government’s cyber security efforts and will boost Australia’s ability to protect against cyber-attacks.

The ACSC will bring together existing cyber security operational capabilities from the Australian Signals Directorate, Defence Intelligence Organisation, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Attorney-General’s Department’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Australia, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission.

The centre will analyse the nature and extent of cyber threats, and lead the Government’s response to cyber incidents. It will work closely with critical infrastructure sectors and industry partners to protect valuable networks and systems. The centre will also provide advice and support to develop strategies to counter cyber threats.

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