Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

Integrated cyber policy and operations

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Integrated cyber policy and operations

The increasing availability and low cost of new technologies means our adversaries are becoming more sophisticated. Our national security agencies must develop new ways of working, and continue to invest in and develop technology solutions and analytical capability to ensure our situational awareness, legislative framework and response capability remain ahead of the threat. This will require not only close cooperation across government and strong links between government and the private sector.

Cyber operations and intrusions can be relatively easy and cheap to conduct. Because of this it is imperative that our agencies have the security intelligence and cyber expertise to develop protection against such possibilities. This will require close cooperation with the private sector—both in the general commercial world and from cyber service providers.

Australia must be a hard target for malicious cyber activity, promote responsible digital citizenship and sustain our constructive contribution to the international security dimensions of cyber, in particular the debate about norms of behaviour for cyberspace.

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