Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

Part 3: Enhancing national security capability

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Part 3: Enhancing national security capability

The Australian Government has made a strong commitment to Australia’s national security capability.

To ensure the best possible capability outcomes, decision-makers need to have the most comprehensive information available when considering how best to direct available resources.

In 2013-14 the Australian Government will spend over $12.5 billion on national security, directed towards intelligence, diplomacy, aid, border and aviation security, counter-terrorism, cyber and identity security, law enforcement, and emergency management. The Government will also spend over $24 billion on defence.

The National Security Strategy highlights Australia’s increasingly complex and interconnected strategic environment. The eight pillars outlined in the strategy encapsulate activities across this environment and reflect the concerted and coordinated effort across government, business and the community to achieve national security objectives.

The Government will continue to apply effort across all eight pillars of Australia’s national security. However, in support of these objectives, the Government has identified three priorities to which national security agencies will dedicate additional effort over the next five years:

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