Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

Part 1: Australia’s national security framework

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Part 1: Australia’s national security framework

Australia’s National Security Strategy is the overarching policy document that guides our national security efforts over a five-year period. The National Security Capability Plan, as well as a number of other strategic documents such as the Defence White Paper, support this strategy.

In the National Security Strategy, Australia’s vision is for ‘a unified national security system that anticipates threats, protects the nation and shapes the world in Australia’s interest’. This vision is supported by four national security objectives:

National security agencies work to achieve these objectives under the eight pillars of Australia’s national security:

  • countering terrorism, espionage and foreign interference.

  • deterring and defeating attacks on Australia and Australian interests.

  • preserving Australia’s border integrity.

  • preventing, detecting and disrupting serious and organised crime.

  • promoting a secure international environment conducive to advancing Australia’s interests.

  • strengthening the resilience of Australia’s people, assets, infrastructure and institutions.

  • the Australia-United States Alliance.

  • understanding and being influential in the world, particularly the Asia-Pacific.

Our national security capabilities enable our approach to the current national security environment as aligned with the National Security Strategy’s pillars.

A better understanding of what capabilities we have allows the Government to consider what tasks it can perform to manage national security risks and pursue opportunities in Australia’s national interest.

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