Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

Incident response, law enforcement, investigation and forensics

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Incident response, law enforcement, investigation and forensics

Australian Government agencies provide incident response, law enforcement, investigation and forensics capabilities and work with State and Territory law enforcement agencies in joint operations to detect and disrupt serious and organised crime and counter terrorism related activities.
These capabilities enable disruption of illegal activities and include the use of coercive powers, explosive bomb appraisal, tactical intelligence, protective security operations, cyber security operations, evidence collection to support serious and organised crime prosecutions, and post-incident investigations.
At the border, capabilities to assist investigations include cargo examination and traveller assessments. Offshore capabilities include maritime response to illegal fishing and people smuggling activities. Additionally, Australia has the capability to provide a coordinated response to offshore humanitarian incidents.
Internationally, specialist response teams, including Commonwealth, State and Territory law enforcement, Australian Civilian Corps, Commonwealth liaison officers, Consular Emergency Response and Disaster Assessment Teams, Urban Search and Rescue Teams together with Defence capabilities can be deployed to support an Australian response to an offshore disaster or emerging security threats.

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