Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

Intelligence, information and knowledge sharing and dissemination

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Intelligence, information and knowledge sharing and dissemination

Australia’s security and foreign intelligence capabilities support the ability to collect, analyse and assess potential onshore and offshore threats to Australians, Australia and our interests.
Our fusion capabilities, open source collection, technical solutions, data centres and domestic and international information sharing networks enable the timely sharing of critically important intelligence, information and knowledge across all levels of government and with other key stakeholders so that the right people have access to the right information when they need it.
Sharing of information, intelligence and knowledge is governed by a legislative and policy framework which strikes a balance between the need to share information and the need to protect the privacy and rights of Australians and Australian entities.
Partnerships with private industry, the community and academia enable the sharing of relevant intelligence, information and knowledge through capabilities such as the National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Trusted Information Sharing Network, the ASIO Business Liaison Unit and the National Security Hotline.

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