Guide to Australia’s National Security Capability

National Security Function

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National Security Function

National Security Capabilities Statement

Threat detection, recognition, identification and monitoring

Australia’s diplomatic network and international legal frameworks, law enforcement and border protection networks, liaison partnerships and foreign intelligence collection and assessment capabilities support the detection, monitoring and surveillance of offshore threats that may affect Australia or pose a risk to Australian or allied nations, operations and interests offshore.
Australian law enforcement and national security capabilities act to reduce the threat and impact of terrorism, espionage and foreign interference and serious and organised crime, including cyber crime, on the community through intelligence collection and analysis, surveillance, law reform, coercive powers, forensics, data centres and engagement with the public and private sector.
Australia’s border systems enable pre-travel screening of non-citizens through the universal visa, biometrics, and Advanced Passenger Processing systems and border screening on arrival. This mitigates the risk of national security issues arising at the border and within Australia.
Protection capabilities held by Commonwealth, State and Territory law enforcement agencies provide the ability to detect and deter threats against diplomatic, official and defence establishments, dignitaries and major national events both in Australia and offshore.
Border, aerial, maritime and port surveillance and controls are supported by investigation, intelligence collection and risk assessment capabilities to ensure regulation and compliance of movement of goods and people across the Australian border. These capabilities also support detection of transnational crime, such as illegal fishing and logging, and together with quarantine capabilities, allow for the detection and monitoring of human, plant or animal health threats.

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