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Guidelines for Creating an Illustrated Travel Guide to Ancient Rome
Imagine you are a time traveler who has just visited ancient Rome in 125 C.E. You want to share your most remarkable observations and experiences with other time travelers by creating a travel guide with practical tips to help them prepare for a trip to ancient Rome. Use your notes from Student Handout 2.2D to help you create you travel guide. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Give your travel guide an interesting and catchy title.

  1. Include an introduction that explains why modern time travelers to ancient Rome may need a travel guide.

  1. Include five sections in your travel guide. Each section must be at least half a page in length. Each section should describe an aspect of daily life in ancient Rome and provide practical information for a prospective time traveler. Choose five aspects of daily life from the following list to include in your travel guide: education, family life, food and drink, healthcare, housing, law and order, recreation, and trade and travel. For each section in your travel guide, be sure to include:

  • Vivid and accurate descriptions about an aspect of daily life in ancient Rome. Use your notes form Student Handout 2.2D to provide detailed accounts of what a traveler can expect to experience when encountering the aspect of daily life in ancient Rome.

  • Comparisons between the aspect of daily life in ancient Rome and in modern times. You should provide helpful advice and practical tips to prepare future travelers for an enjoyable trip to ancient Rome. Make sure you provide specific examples to compare the ancient Roman aspect of daily life to what you experience in your own lives. This will help other time travelers better prepare themselves of the differences they will encounter while visiting ancient Rome.

  • An illustration that will help visitors become acquainted with an aspect of life.

  1. Be creative in designing your travel guide. Use your notes from Student Handout 2.2D and your imagination to provide detailed descriptions in each section. Have your teacher review your rough draft. Type or write your final draft neatly in ink.

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