Guide Sheet for Colonial Louisiana Advertisement Exercise

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Guide Sheet for Colonial Louisiana Advertisement Exercise
Let’s take a look at early Louisiana—with a particular focus on slavery. Attached are three handouts: A Fact Sheet for Slavery in Early New Orleans and Louisiana; Two Rebellions in Colonial Louisiana; and Food Marketing and Regional Foodways in Colonial Louisiana.
Divide into small groups of about 4. Take about 10 minutes of reading time to each read the handouts. Then, in your small group, consider the following questions:
What were the main factors in the Louisiana colonial economy? What did they trade or produce? With whom? How, in short, did the colonists make a living?

When did slavery begin here?

What did slaveholders need slaves for?

In what ways did slaves participate in the economy of the region on their own behalf?

What role did Native Americans play in Louisiana’s colonial economy? What role did the colonists and Africans play in Native American economies?

Why might an outsider have chosen to live in colonial New Orleans at any given period? What would the advantages and disadvantages have been?

Finally, with your group, write an advertisement for commercial real estate in which you try to persuade someone to come to New Orleans. As with any advertisement, you have to highlight the advantages of coming to the city and downplay any disadvantages your prospective buyer might be familiar with. Be prepared to read your advertisement aloud. Choose one of the following as your audience:

-French colonists in 1720

-French colonists in 1730

-Spanish colonists in 1770

-West Indian colonists in 1796

-French Jacobins (supporters of the French Revolution) in 1795

-Free African Americans in 1805

-Choctaws in 1785


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