Guide for the Status and esnap capabilities in the era commons for the pi

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Guide for the Status and eSNAP Capabilities in the eRA Commons for the PI

  • Once you’ve logged onto the system you can use the various functions.

The Status Capability

  • Select the Status link from the light blue list of options

  • Once there, you can select either PI Status, giving you a list of your current proposals, their status and different available actions:

  • Or eSubmissions, which allows you to search on different criteria to bring up a list of proposal(s):

  • Select the appropriate proposal to view its status information, showing:

    • Submission dates

    • Contact information of program official

    • Application information

    • General grant information

  • The information will appear in the following format:

  • OR you can click on a certain action dependant upon the proposal’s status (awarded/pending) to view various information:

    • JIT (awarded/pending)

    • eSNAP (pending)

    • Progress Report (pending)

eSNAP Capabilities (online submission of non competing continuations).

  • Before you begin entering information into eSNAP, you should have:

    • Word file containing the scientific progress write-up and its location

    • A list of publications you would like to include

    • Your signing official and administrative official is known:

      • Christina Haddock for Discovery Park proposals

Indicates if the grant it eligible for eSNAP completion and if so whether it has been stated or not.

Shows the due date of eSNAP submission

  • Select the non-competing continuation grant you would like to work on by clicking on the grant number

  • The eSNAP menu will appear. This will be your main check point as to the completion of your application

Incomplete or Complete

  • From the dark blue area, select Upload Science and enter the required information.

    • The progress report file being requested should be a previously prepared document (Word or pdf) that contains the scientific component of the progress report and should not contain publication information, for publications should be entered separately under publication information.

    • Once all information is entered, hit save and then designate the page as complete.

  • Now, select the Edit Business tab from the dark blue area. This will add a new list of items:

    • Org. Info

    • Performance Sites

    • Key Personnel

    • Research Subject

    • SNAP Questions & Checklist

    • Inclusion Enrollment

  • One by one select each item, fill out the information and designate the section as complete.

  • When completing each page, focus on fields that are required (they are designated by an *).

  • Once you have finished each section, return to the eSNAP menu by selecting Manage eSNAP to ensure the status of your application is complete.

  • Once everything is stated as complete, hit Validate. This will display any errors you might have with your application:

  • Fix any of the errors that might be indicated.

  • Once completed and all errors are corrected click View eSNAP report to view the final document. While viewing, print a copy to include with your transmittal check sheet.

  • Indicate your username and password to the eRA Commons on the transmittal check sheet to allow the business office to view your proposal on-line. The business office will then route the e-proposal to SPS.

Download 0.51 Mb.

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