Growth and Expansion Study Guide Name: Period: Date

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Growth and Expansion Study Guide Name: ___________________ Period: ______ Date: _____

50 questions total. Types of questions: Multiple Choice/Matching/Short Answer

1. America's Industrial Revolution began to take root in _____________________________________________________

2. Who invented the cotton gin? ________________________________________________________________________

3. The National Road was built to connect the _____________________________________________________________

4. How did Pioneers migrated west? _____________________________________________________________________

5. What agreement set the official border between Canada and the United States? _________________________________

6. The revolution that changed the way people worked was called the __________________________________________

7. Whose mill launched the factory system? _______________________________________________________________

8. Thirty years after the first census, the population of the United States was _____________________________________

9. What are separate compartments where water levels were raised or lowered? __________________________________

10. The leader who tried to resolve sectional disputes by compromise was _______________________________________

11. Created in 1823, what became an important part of American foreign policy? ________________________________

12. What act did Congress pass in order to relocate Native Americans? _________________________________________

13. The Cherokee Trail of Tears began in _________________________________________________________________

14. Who was the Seminole leader who went to war against the United States in an effort to keep his nation's land? _______

15. Among the first settlers of the Oregon country, after trappers, were the ______________________________________

16. Who was the Tennessee backwoodsman who lost his life at the Alamo? _____________________________________

17. Which city was founded by the Mormons? _____________________________________________________________

18. Oregon country was which direction from California? ____________________________________________________

19. Reports of what persuaded many Americans to settle in California? _________________________________________

20. What philosophy meant that the United States was set apart to extend its boundaries all the way to the Pacific? ________________________________________________________________________________________

21. Santa Anna was captured in the battle of ______________________________________________________________

22. What did the United States insist was the border between the United States and Mexico? ________________________

23. Which people made huge profits during the Gold Rush? __________________________________________________

24. What event ended in a few years but had long-lasting effects on California's economy? _________________________

25. Who led the Mormon migration to the Great Salt Lake area? ______________________________________________

26. The US paid 10 million for this strip of land to create the present day Contiguous United States ___________________

27. The inventor of the Cherokee alphabet and created a writing system ________________________________________

28. The Missouri Compromise determined that ____________________________________________________________

29. Under President James Monroe, Americans referred to this era as __________________________________________

Definitions/Notes of Importance



interchangeable parts

Samuel Slater

Eli Whitney


Black Hawk

Native Americans

Trail of Tears

Indian Territory


Oregon Trail

Battle of the Alamo

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Antonio López de Santa Anna
Short Answer - Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

45. Why did the United States' Industrial Revolution appear first in New England?

46. What were the advantages and the disadvantages of river travel during the 1800s?

47. What was life like for pioneers on the Oregon Trail?

48. How did the early settlers of the West help pave the way for the California Gold Rush?

49. Which foreign government did the United States have the most trouble with during its years of westward expansion? Why?


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