Group Discussion Topics Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

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Group Discussion Topics - Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

Hello friends,

Regarding this topic I have nothing to say about the help of MNCs in India to evolve.

MNCs has changed the life style of Indians, they create a big space for employment, they enrich our economy & so on. LGP has come & FDI is about to initiate India. But I think they don't think about the mental & physical ability of the employee. They pay a huge mount of Salary but they force to work hard i.e. 12 to 14 hrs in a day also. This causes various mental & physical disorder of the employee which effects not only the present generation but also our future generation which is not very good indication for future India.

Sometimes It has been seen that Multinational company does not obey government rules. It is not very good practice.

So I conclude that there must have some basic rules creating with the co-operation of government & MNCs & companies don't break them for the sake of proper & healthy utilization of Human Resources helping India to develop.

Thank you all a lot.

Hello Friends.

I think MNCs are not devils in disguise because we all know that before 1990 our country was suffering from the problem of low economy but after that when MNCs came to our country the economy of our country increased and we all know that in today's life our country has very good economy.Multinational companies provide employment to our country for those who are unemployed. The main thing I like in them is that they see persons according to their talent and they don't have any caste systems or quotas for recruitment of employees.
Through MNCs we can buy product at low cost which we get at higher prices because of import duty.
I think in today's world of globalization if you want to stand with others you should know all strategies and all technologies. It is the MNCs through which we have a better standard of living and our lifestyle also changed.

So I think they are not devils but as we know everything has both good and bad aspects.But they have more good aspects than bad. So overall we can say that they are boon to our country.

Hai friends.

In my point of view mnc is boon to us how means?Due to mnc our country developed globally, they reduce unemployment in our country, product quality is good, the mnc makes competition to our Indian companies due that our Indian product quality also improved, due to mnc's the infrastructure is developed, if suppose one mnc's company established in one city then surroundings sectors also developed. For example if multinational school is established in one undeveloped town then some people who are lived in that town got opportunities for earn income in the sense started hotel, book stalls, transport facilities. So the town is developed.

We can't say that MNC are devils because if we watch toward economy of India then they are most crucial supporter. Earlier there was many things which were not availed in India. For example Malls and good builders how have structured better infrastructure of India.

Many goods which were not available in India and need to bought from abroad. So there arises problem related to service as there was no service centre but with growth of MNC now almost 90% goods are available in India.

But talking negative aspect it leads to under-development of Indian companies because according to Indian's view Indian product are not up to mark so day by day Indian product are diminishing from the market. I would say within next 10 years Indian market will again be captured by MNC. So there is need to imply heavy taxes on MNC as a result there will be increase in price on MNC goods and in turn Indians will prefer to buy cheaper Indian goods leading to development of Indian industries.

MNCs are beneficial to Indian people as it creates more employment opportunities for the the unemployed, strengthen our economic system, brings with advance technology, brings more competition.

Among Indian companies, deliver quality product and therefore increase the standard of living.

It also will be advantageous for us when we see how MNCs are competing with each other to.

Provide good and better service so that they can exist in the market which ultimately benefits Indian citizen who will get better quality product in less prices.

MNCs are not villains in the Indian economic scenario. They create thousands of jobs with lucrative job offers for the young generation of our country. India produces lakhs of graduates each year. The government jobs and the PSUs cannot give this amount of job each year. So, MNCs help to reduce unemployment in the country.

They are the dream jobs for India's young generation which constantly drive them to study hard and therefore increase the educational standard. Besides, MNCs provide good quality product or service. Is Indian companies able to deliver this quality service for the same price? In this Global market, it is foolish to restrict some companies only because they are from other country. The Indian MNCs like TATA, INFOSYS, MITTAL, RELIANCE etc. Are also making good business in foreign countries.

So, they economic system goes both ways. It is absolutely foolish to restrict Indian money in India only because that would only hamper the development of the country. The only way to solve this is to make the Indian companies capable of producing same quality of products or service and let them go global. This will automatically make the young generation shift their focus and long for jobs in this companies.

Friends as now a days our economy is not limited up to India but its global. In the same way I don't see the difference between large Indian private sector companies and MNCs because at the end of the day both obeys the same tax rule and motto of both are same i.e. to expand their empire. So instead of supporting some Indian private companies and protecting them from competition we should look at exploiting the opportunities created by them and with the help of MNCs we can not only exploit the resources of our country but also the resources of other countries so I think its a give and take business. We are exploiting their capital their technology for our benefit and they are making money by selling their products in our markets.

As told LPG (Liberalisation Globalisation and privatisation) , today we are not just a single economy, we are a global economy. We are affected by every major and minor change occuring in world. Now if you need to compete with the world you have to work with them, you have to know their ways their strategies and their technologies. Though they have a massive backup of capital and technology who is more skillful the world knows. So instead of taking in view the unemployment generated we can look forward to opurtunities these MNC create for us to earn and learn from them. But one thing that won't occur is our dependency on these, we should make consistent efforts to bring our indigenous companies at par and above.

And you can see Infosys is working the same. Learn from them earn from them and then outstand them, that should be our motto.

Multinational companies cannot be a devil in disguise. They bring in revenue; provide job opportunities to thousands of people. It helps the country to get a global recognition. They undoubtedly work majorly to get profits.

However it should not be forgotten that they bring quality to the services and raise the economy.

Most of the multinationals provides seamless services to employees like transport, accommodations, food, insurance, crèche etc.

The companies give high salaries to employees that keep them motivated. Few multinationals also provide future studies opportunities thereby assisting employees in their career.

They give onsite opportunities to people which helps them interacting with more people.

For some people, all that glitters is not gold! Few people think that they are devils in disguise because of the pressure and the work they expect from their employees.

This pressure leads to domestic issues, violence etc. No doubt they give high salary packages, but even take double the work from the employees.

Most of the multinational companies have clients from US and UK. Because of this the employees needs to manage two time zones. This indeed leads to health disorders.

I also Seccond all of member's opinion, Everything has advantage and disadvantage because everything is relative in the world. If there is no disadvantage than there is no advantage such as we someone is good because someone is bad in the world.

We should say good those things which has advantage more than its disadvantage.

In case of MNC there is many advantage such as they recruits huge amount of people in India, they developed our life style and status and they creates a very competitive field in India so young generation is inspired by this,

MNC is the leading taxpayer in our country, So its make our economy healthy and increase government income means hardly related to our all roound development in India.

We earn huge amount of foreign money with the help of MNC.

So ithink that it has more advantage than disadvantage. So its not a devil.

MNCs are both a boon and a curse. MNCs enhance the competitive spirit. From the very name itself we can clearly regard MNC as a platform for mutual coordination between the countries. When this happens, more and more people feel the taste of competition which not only increases their talent but also stand atop among others. From the nation point of view. Standard of living improves. With MNCs there is nothing like reservation and all.

But the fact remains true when taken the other way. They exploit our resources, our talents. But whatsoever MNCs give an opportunity for the betterment of an individual and intern the nation.

MNCs are boon to our country as well as bane to the country because it has both positives and negatives. Because of mncs only standard of living in India is increased.

The main thing here is it reduces unemployment. It is recruiting people based on their talent not on basis of caste reservations. So reservations are the main problem we are facing. It avoid that. Through campus placements they are taking the students so with that zeal students are trying hard and the competitive spirit in them is increasing.

In the other way it has negatives also. Employees must work hard to get the promotions and they need to work late nights if necessary to complete the deadline. Because of which they get frustation and ultimately leads to depression and health problems etc.

These employees are earning more than what the normal govt employee is earning. So in one way mncs are good and in one way it is bad it all depends on the way we are lookin at it.

Thank you friends.

Hi Friends, I am agree with my friends and I also want to add my views. Everything has pros and and cons similar with this topic. MNC'S Definitely play a vital role in our economy development. They are providing more job opportunities to freshers and the graduate people. Students work hard in their studies to get job in a MNC'S because this is time of competition and everyone is the part of this. In today's time everyone want to improve their life style and the MNC'S help to do that. They are providing chance to their employee to go abroad. On the other hand their has cons also.

Their odd time of work employees sit late night to complete deadline of project sometimes they stay in office whole night that is definitely not good for their health. That's why lots of diseases are increasing like depression, blood pressure, brain ham-rage etc. I want to say that excess of anything is always dangerous to health. In last I want to say you Multiple corporation is really help to increase our economy development but it can be devils if we ignore its cons.

I don't think so MNC are devil in disguise instead they are bane to any country in recession time, in 1990 when our country was fighting with their economical conditions then it was the decision of finance minister manmohan singh to bring privatization more then it was these private MNC that brought our country out of that. Also, they provides a lots of jobs to the fresher, unemployed, tell me one thing how many govt agencies provides a huge amount of job as they provide, secondly many people says they buy the skill labour at a very low cost while in the European countries employees do less work, salary more as compared to the Indian but my friends compare also the population how many people in India has a good job MNC provide a huge amt. of job they raise the standard of living of their employees, explore their skills, tell me if you are going to market to buy thing then you compare it with others and finally you buy them from the shop which is cheaper than other, so by investing huge amount of money they get a employees with reasonable pay so whats wrong with that, other thing they are also the highest tax payer.

Also some people say by opened these MNC small companies shut their door but this is not right simultaneously small companies open as with MNC to challenge, so my friends I don't think so MNC's are devil in disguise as every coin has two faces one is positive and other is negative, it depends on us how we see it and how we implement it or take in our life. So avoid taking negative side see positive.

Hello friends,

As per my view, MNC'S are the good source of solving various national problems like economy, un-employment etc. , MNC's are main focusing on the India's growing in various sectors viz. , primary, secondary and tertiary sectors etc. , So it is an opportunity for MNC's to grow their profit with low investment. Some of you guys please change your views on cheap labours in India. When you compare the standard of living in foreign countries is high than the India's standard of living. Yes I also agree that MNC's have positive and negative things. Every human beings also have positive and negative sides its how you take things. Limited encourages is needful to MNC's.

Hello Friends,

As per the my opinion, MNC's are playing a vital role in our economic development, although they are the competitor of our Indian traders but they are also the source of our income & employment.

When we compare of their pro's & con's, we find that the positive points are higher than the negative ones.

So it will b better to say that MNC's are also an important aspect of the economy.

Like most of the things in this world, MNC's also have both pros and cons.

If on one hand, they are providing employment to a large section of the society then on the other hand they have snatched away employment and customer-base from many indigenous industries who find it hard to thrive in this ever growing competitive environment because of the lack of resources they face.

Though these companies have also helped raise the standards of other indigenous companies as otherwise if they continue with their inferior quality then they'll find it hard to exist. But in this race, companies backed by not-so-rich entrepreneurs fail to survive.

Also, where one may say that they have improved the living standards of the people, both their employees and their clients but then we cannot ignore the odd working hours and extra-time they demand from their employees, which in turn have degraded the quality of life and have caved in way for a hectic and tensed life.

It is also very important to ensure that these companies pay remuneration similar to what they pay to their employees in European countries who do similar amount of work.

Therefore, the presence of MNC's in India can turn out to be a boon or a bane depending on how wisely their expansion in the country is controlled.

Hello friends,

I appreciate all of you. That MNC's have all advantages n disadvantages also. These will helps us in recession time of our country. These are giving opportunities to freshers and also unemployees to develop themselves n to find their place in such big societies. These are helping us to utilize our ideas n talent. They invest new products n things so that improves our financial status of our country also the MNC's gives less salary to Indian employees than their country and gives more work to them. In this way they use all our resources n talent so creates gap between our youth talent and the growth of our country.

Hereby I conclude that we have to took all advantages of MNC's by ignoring the disadvantages.

Thanks friends.

I have seen all your views about MNC. As you are feeling, I am also feeling same. One side MNC increase employment for our nation. And also help at recession time when maximum fresher even some experienced employer were be fired from private sector. That time MNC saved our job and again brought good opportunity.

But the problem is that we are being donkey for MNC. Because of job we do night and day both shift. After doing hard work, if you do buttering with your seniors then only you have chance to get promotion. If I talk about the salary they pay very less than their country. If they get same work done in their country. They'll have to pay high amount than us.

But we are Indian, we can adjust with money and work. As we all that adjustment is in our blood. We do adjustment in country with politician. And same with our profession.

No matter, whatever will be. But I would like to say one thing that we getting money. It's good sources for private jobs.



--> They have made our life more vulnerable by working late nights.

--> They have made people workaholic for power & position.

--> They have made degree less valuable by asking for masters and higher studies to have employment in their company.

--> Because of them people are stressed all the time during their education & in their respective jobs.

Hi Everyone.

In my view the MNC's cannot be called as devils because of the following facts.

1) They have reduced the prices of commodities as the competition for market is increased thereby bringing the prices of products to quite low.

2) They have generated a lot of employment for our country's youth which otherwise would had been starving in a nation of a population that ranks on No.2 in the whole world.

3) I don't agree with people who say that they have hit the small scale industries instead lots of local companies are rising too and competing with these firms and thereby increasing their own growth.

4) They have made people in our country more punctual and responsible as compared to people who are in the Govt. Jobs who on the broader terms don't do much and most of the Government policies most of the time run behind the schedule and most of the money applied in the projects that come from the taxes consumers pay is eaten in the process by these Govt. Leaders.

5) Most of the current Govt. Projects are in hands of private firms who have been given the contract by the Govt. Therefore the Govt. Is just paying them to do their own work.

6) The above point makes it clear that most of our economy is dependent on these firms. In the 1990's when our country went in an economical crunch. It was the decision of then finance minister Manmohan Singh to bring privatization more and then it was these private MNC's that brought our country out of that.

Therefore, we can say that MNC's are definitely not the devils but the angels that have uplifted the status of our country and the people living in it.

I appreciate with my all friends. According to me "MNC's are bane to our country. Because During the last "RECESSION" time, our country was protected by MNCs. So, how MNC's are devils for our country".

But Every Coin has two sides one is positive and other is negative. It depend on us how we see it. Or how we implement or take it in our life.

Positive side is:

"Because they provides lots of jobs to the freshers as well as unemployed. Also they provides proper platform for prove your self and explore your self. Best thing in MNC is they do't considering the reservations and recommendations. And they are very help to increase GDP tremendously of any country because the are Major tax payers to the country and MNC's are helps to any country for growing at recession time".

Negative side is:

"They treat a employee like a machine not as a human being. MNC's enjoying here cheap labour. According to there nation they are paying less money. They doesn't care about job security, career growth etc. ".

At last so, Many people are saying that, they are employing at cheaper rates. Whats wrong in that? I give an exmple:- if we are purchasing a single thing we will compare the prices from nearby shops. For investing such a huge amount can't they (MNCs) get those benefits.

Finally I would like to conclude that MNC's are not devils, these are developing the countries economy as well as supporting the people to have a bright future.

Thank you friends.

MNCs provides a lot of opportunities to our Indians as they will give equal importance to every one one thing I must say is.

1) They will give the opportunities to the genuine and worth-able persons because they will not follow the rule of RESERVATIONS.

2) And one more thing we have to consider is the present situation of youth after completion of their graduation or post graduation they should join in either a small or big company.

3) It favors the multinational companies to grab the employees at the low salaries.

4) AS they are the major part of our economy they are very essential to our country.

So my friends in my view MNCs are not devils.

Hi friends.

1. I think the multinational companies are the great opportunities of the people who talented and also came from the poverty background. Because once they get sophisticated salary, their parents will get their sanctification of our dreams about their sons/daughters.

2. The MNC's are the companies used to reduce our national poverty.

3. They recruit the talented person not any recommendations like other companies.

4. And also they develop their economic status of our nation.

5. While comparing to the other fields they have more opportunities to employ, so the employment problems of youths will also reduce.

Hello Friends,

Our topic is multinational companies:are the devils in disguise? First of all I agree with many of your arguments. It has its positives as well as negatives.


1. It provides employment to many youths.
2. They doesn't consider recommendations and reservation for job applications.
3. They increases the rate of economic growth of our country.
4. They are the major tax payers.
5. They taught the youths of our country the value of money and time.
6. They brought new technologies to our country.
7. They showed us how to utilize the resources of country into money and development.
8. Due to MNC New products are introduced in India at a Faster rate.


1. They are exploiting our countries resources for their benefits.
2. They are giving very low salary.
3. They creates pressure in freshers.
4. No job guaranty.
5. Working hours is more.
6. They affect the local market very badly.

After independence the rate of economic growth was very low, since the MNC's were introduced in our country the rate increased tremendously. We should remember one thing thing, all MNC's are not foreign invasion to our country. Of course, at first the MNC's which were introduced in India were from other countries, but the introduction of these mnc's shows the path for Indian owned mnc's also. How we can forget Tata, Birla, Reliance, Wipro, Infosys etc. They are using our resources, yes, but the major benefits is to our country itself. Then for the low wages they offer, and its only for the freshers and when the probationary period is over, they are offering good salaries.

Thank You.

Every aspects has two sides-positive and negative.

The positive aspects of MNC's are:

1. Creation of employment.

2. Increasing competition, competitive attitude.
3. Wealth creation, increasing personal disposable income.
4. Growing GDP.

Negative aspect:

1. Increasing economical gap between the haves and the have not's.
2. Lack of opportunity for the poor.
3. Cut throat competition has showed its ugly face as it has depreciated moral and social values.
4. Has affected badly the public sector units and the small scale Indian companies.

Hello friends, apropos all opinions, I want you to make aware of the two aspects of this topic.

Focusing on its positive part :

1. MNC's are supportive pillars of our developing economy.

2. They create employment to a vary extended society of ours.

3. They provide us the goods at a very cheaper rate.

4. MNC's are also contributing towards making an area as posh.

Friends now I would take you to its negative part:

1. They are causing disruption to the local shopkeeper and the middle mans.

2. They create a sudden unemployment.

So, summing up its two facets I would like to conclude that MNC's are not devils.

Good Evening friends,

I do agree with all your opinions. Every coin has two sides, the issue is with in us whether we go to the correct side or not. In the same way, MNC's has also two sides.


1) It is increasing the economic growth of the country.
2) Providing employments to many individuals who are talented without considering the reservations and recommendations.
3) Major tax payers to the country.
4) Giving high salaries and recognizing individual efforts.
5) Introducing new products with wide variety of choices and maintaining quality in the products.
6) Improving the standards of living.

Apart from the positives it has some negatives like imposing pressure, no job guarantee etc. , but these are common in every field.

Many are saying that, they are employing at cheaper rates. Whats wrong in that? For purchasing a single thing from pen to mobile we will compare the prices from nearby shops. For investing such a huge amount can't they (MNCs) get those benefits.

Finally I would like to conclude that MNC's are not devils, these are developing the countries economy as well as supporting the people to have a bright future.

Kindly excuse me if I had hurt any one's feelings.

There are two point of view. We can see that there is so much young talent in India. And there is a scarcity of resources for utilization of this young talent. Due to MNC's young fresh and energetic graduates finds opportunities to prosper in their life. Further MNC's pay salary higher than other industries.

On the other hand MNC's enjoying here cheap labour. According to there nation they are paying less money. They also treat a employee like a machine or a resources not as a human being. These companies doesn't care about job satisfaction, job security, career growth etc.

Thus we can say that MNC'S are devil, but on the other hand these are beneficial for our country also.

Hello everybody,

MNC in Indian market has raised in a very short period of time.

Yes everyone is aware that due to it unemployment rate is reduced. In MNC around 20% population is employed, 30 % in government sector, 10 % in there own ventures, 10% Joint ventures, 50 % is still unemployed.

MNC yes I believe provide the jobs to freshers but what about the people who are employed in small organisation and wants to work in MNC, MNC criteria to get the job is very tough.

People who are unemployed are not even offered a Job as they are not having the experience required.

MNC in India is growing rapidly but the 50% unemployed people are still lagging behind. MNC should think about this people to shape up there career.

Nowadays every persons dream is to join MNC but only few succceed and go further.

Good evening to one and all in my point of view.

1) MNC companies came after it is improving Indian economics.
2) Using Indian brains in low cost.
3) Other countries investing more million dollar in India through MNC.
4) Also its reducing unemployment, few Indians getting good jobs.

MNCs are a boon to freshers. They raise new comers to height of glory and success.

MNCs provides Indians opportunity to raise in economy and progress. But, it has curse too.
It uses Indians as slaves and take their help to prosper as Indians are talented and any Indian can be used for MNCs benefit.
Though they help a lot to increase employment, which is must in today's unemployment era.

MNC give growth to the economic and take the dollars to their countries; so there is always there need to get cheap employee and low salary which not as per the standers. But they created artificial environments for useless expenditure of money and give us Job to fulfill our requirements; they have pressurized the senior official and exploited lower management and unsterilized job.

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