Gross-Out Party!

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Gross-Out Party!

(Target Audience: Ages 9–12)

Use a little “potty humour” and watch kids bust a gut! Depending on the number of children you get, how long you have and the size of the room, you can use any or all elements from this program. WARNING! Not for the faint of heart!

  1. Decorate the party room by hanging rubber snakes from the ceiling, sticking up some bugs, placing full garbage bags (stuffed with newspaper) and clean, empty garbage cans around the room.

  1. Make gross-out t-shirts:

    1. Prior to the program, invite children to bring a clean, white t-shirt

    2. Using the Internet (try medical libraries or doctor’s resources), locate a picture of internal organs (heart, intestines, lungs, etc.)

    3. Print the images onto iron-on transfer paper

    4. Using an ironing board, place a t-shirt on top with the front of the shirt facing up

    5. Place the iron-on image facedown over the shirt

    6. Iron over the image, following the directions from the iron-on transfer paper

    7. Encourage kids to wear their shirt for the rest of the program

  1. Invite kids to play “Fear Factor”

    1. Using a series of cardboard boxes, cut a hand-sized hole in the top of each

    2. Place an unsavoury smelling item in some of the boxes (tuna fish, onions, eggs, garlic, or strong-smelling cheese

    3. Using the rest of the boxes, place a gross item inside for kids to touch (cooked spaghetti, peeled grapes, Jell-O, a clump of doll’s hair, etc.)

    4. Award contestants with a fun prize (such as scratch-and-sniff stickers with an appetizing scent)

  1. Enjoy “gross” snacks, such as:

    1. Day-Old Bathwater

      1. Mix a can of frozen limeade, lemonade, ginger ale and ice together in a large bowl.

      2. Add several scoops of rainbow sherbet to the bowl and stir gently until it resembles floating soap scum, and serve

    2. Dirt Cupcakes

      1. Cover chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

      2. Dip frosted cupcakes in Oreo cookie crumbs until covered

      3. Poke a hole in cupcake using a straw, insert a gummy worm in the hole, and serve

    3. Boogers on Sticks

      1. To make the boogers, add several drops of green food colouring to cheese spread, and mix until well combined

      2. Dip pretzel sticks in “boogers” and serve

    4. Slime with Worms

      1. Prepare a large batch of green Jell-O

      2. Mash the Jell-O up with a spoon, add gummy worms, and serve

  1. Play Spider Relay Race

    1. Divide group into four teams

    2. Place several obstacles around the room (a chair covered in fake cobwebs to crawl under, etc.) for teams to race around, and mark off start and finish lines

    3. Make a set of spider legs for each team, by stuffing two old pairs of nylons or tights and tying them together with string

    4. Attach legs to an old belt using string

    5. The first player on each team straps a set of legs to their waist so that two legs dangle on each side

    6. On “GO”, the “spiders” must race on their hands and knees around the obstacles to the finish line and back to the start

    7. When the first player has completed a lap, the team must help the next member put the belt on

    8. Each member of the team takes a turn until all members have run the race

    9. The team to finish first wins a prize

  1. Play Eyeball Hunt Game

    1. Divide group into four teams of ten

    2. Provide each team with a large container of cooked spaghetti (about one box of spaghetti per container) and place container over a large sheet of plastic

    3. Bury ping pong balls (eyeballs) in spaghetti (brains) and have teams try to extract the most balls in a minute

    4. At the end of the minute, the team with the most balls collected, wins

    5. For an added twist, colour-code the balls and have each colour worth a different amount of points

  1. Play Disgusting Dictionary Game:

    1. Using a series of disgusting (but real!) words, place a cut-out of each word on a wall

    2. Select a group of volunteers to be contestants and ask them to choose a word from the wall and define it

    3. Award prizes for correct guesses or to all contestants

    4. Sample Definitions:

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