Grid to indicate how talk for writing could be applied across the curriculum (material for years 3/4; 5/6 often expressed together) Overall comments: This approach will make literacy a joined up part of the curriculum

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Grid to indicate how talk for writing could be applied across the curriculum (material for years 3/4; 5/6 often expressed together)
Overall comments: This approach will make literacy a joined up part of the curriculum. New skills based topic approach means literacy strands will fit everywhere.

Text type

R&Y1 Recount

Y2 Recount

Y3 Recount

Y4 Recount

Y5 Recount

Y6 Recount


- Good to use approach across whole school

- Particularly relevant to all experiential learning, eg trips; & SEAL;

- Multi-cultural trips

- Geography fieldtrips

- Hisorical events & RE

- Appeals to boys
- Critical in supporting EAL children in developing confidence with language and writing

  • Generalisers – brilliant!

School events:

  • Trip to farm/ seaside/ museum/allotment/ wildfowl trust/park/ think tank – interactive science museum acquarium

  • Trips linked to topics

  • Visits: Police; Firebrigade

  • WBD events in school

  • Trip to forest with Barnaby Bear

  • Sports day

  • Summer Fayre

  • Xmas concert


- Victorian role play;

- Florence Nightingale

- Castles

- Old and modern toys/ household objects


- moving cards;

- puppets;

- Joseph’s coat


- sound



- Houses and homes

Seaside – under the sea

In summertime


  • Imaginative trip to moon


  • Anything based on 1st hand experiences

  • Things we have enjoyed in FS

  • Anything that interests the children

  • What did at the weekend

School events:

  • Think tank/ museum trip

  • Firemen/ Artist visit

  • Autumn walk around school

  • Local walk using GPS tracker as story map

  • History trip to workhouse – or Victorian day/visit- Victorian school morning

  • Any educational visit eg concert at Scarborough Spa/ Sculpture Park or visitors

  • Pond dipping

  • Summer Fayre

  • Xmas concert

  • The day the school roof leaked


- Sculpture


  • Investigation/ experiments


- Visit to beach

  • how local people lived

  • Geog topic on local area


- Tudors kings and queens –

  • Great Fire of London

- Florence Nightingale’s life work

- Victorian life

- Victorian holiday diary

- Samuel Pepys

- Guy Fawkes


  • Recount of how Yr 2 planned, made and tested vehicles


  • What I did to solve a problem

  • Science recounts of observations and investigations alongside photos of children

School events:

  • Residential trips

  • Things we have enjoyed in KS1 – audience = new Yr 1 children

  • All school trips to museums/seaside etc

  • Sports activities

  • Special days eg Roman Day

  • Using photos from think tank


  • Ancient Egyptians

  • Romans/ Vikings/ Greeks

  • Evacuee recount

  • Diary of a Roman soldier/ Letter home

  • Writing as an Aztec


  • All topics and planning investigations

  • How plants grow

  • Recounting an experiment


  • Fieldwork


  • rituals

School events:

  • Local visits eg Roman museum/ Jorvik; Castleton/ Think Tank

  • Any special curriculum day eg History day

  • O2 dance routine

  • School visitors

  • Virtual trips

  • Residential trips


  • Tudors

  • Anne Boleyn in the Tower

  • Biographies - As if were wife of Henry 8/on Mary Rose/ servant

  • Day in life Victorian factory worker

  • Diary entries for Victorian street child


  • Day Howard Carter discovered King T’s tomb

– All topics and planning investigations

  • habitats/ environment –

  • Twinning work with partner schools

  • Recounting sci experiments

  • Changing states

  • filtering


- trip out to local fields


In role at Last Supper


  • Sharing news/ Newspapers

  • Diary (optional SATs activity)

  • Day the aliens landed

  • Literary recount in role eg Lady Macbeth

School events:

  • Residential trips

  • Trip to theatre

  • Trip to another planet

  • Contrasting locations visits

  • trip to evacuee museum

  • What we found out about...

History :

- Battle of Marathon

  • biographies

  • Victorian life of a child

  • Howard Carter’s Find (Egyptians)

  • Titanic – link to video material

  • Visit to Athens – written by Spartan visitor

  • The Great Race – Scott and the South Pole


- Recounting experiments


  • Recount about Hudson River plane miracle

  • Tunnel by Anthony Browne to create newspaper report

  • Link to stories with flashback – use Jess Story from U tube (Toy Story)

School events: eg

  • Residential trips

  • Workshops – eg on Tudors

  • Visits out eg safety awareness/ sewage works

  • - Visit to play

  • RE trip to mosque/church

  • Outdoor ed trips/

  • Special school days – eg Art

  • Young Shakespeare Co visit

  • Assembly speakers


  • Declaration of war

  • Evacuees in WWII

  • Our journey into country

  • Goodnight Mr Tom

  • Letter before going over top

  • Anne Frank’s diary

  • Biography of Churchill

  • WW2 writing about bomb raid/day in life of blitz/

  • news of D-Day landing

  • Children in WWII

  • Battle of Marathon

  • recount of a Victorian day

  • Biography of Isaac Newton


  • floods – Boscastle; coastal erosion – collapse of hotel in Scarborough

  • Kenyan Naasai’s cows dying from global warming

  • Aztec market


  • Our time at primary school – leavers assembly

  • Journalistic writing – eg new school playground

  • World Book Day

  • Newspaper reports

  • Climbing a mountain – Chris Bonnington

  • Decades project – time machine

  • Autobio and biographies: eg Neil Armstrong

  • Dictionary entries

  • Eyewitness statement

  • UFOs : Lights seen in sky


2. Instruction


4. Instruction




- Lends itself to all foundation work and partic to geog and hist

- Appeals to boys

- Useful for all science topics

- Can build levels of difficulty – begin with dragons in Yr 1 then Aliens in Yr 2, Ancient Greeks, mythological creatures in 3 and a fictional version of 100 AD by year 4
Use as whole-school stimulus


  • making puppets/ jelly/fruit salad/ Smoothies/ sandwich/ healthy snack

  • How to cook a meal

  • Model making

  • Play dough

  • How to make moveable pictures/ card with moving parts

  • How to build a rocket

  • How to make a toy / a moving toy

  • How to make a ginger bread man – link to story

  • How to make a moving vehicle


– growing things eg plants / tomatoes

Light and dark


- How to use a printer


- Knowledge & understanding of world – Big wide world


  • How to make a shield

  • How to make a castle – Battle of Hastings

  • How to become a knight

  • How to become a pirate


  • Instructions for giants

  • How to trap a dinosaur – children find broken egg and discover dinosaur footprint

  • How to free giant’s wife from castle in Jack & Beanstalk

  • How to grow a beanstalk for Jack

  • How to make a potion

  • Sowing imaginary seed castles

  • How to be a knight

  • How to get on a horse

  • Links to stories from different cultures

  • How to get ready for school

  • How to make a house

  • Minibeasts

  • Picture sequencing

  • How to find treasure

  • We’re going on Bear hunt – how to trap a bear

  • How to be safe on a bike

  • How to catch an alien

  • How to make a puppet

  • How to build a bridge

  • Bookweek – how to make a pirate hat

  • How to feed a very hungry caterpillar


- African masks


  • Growing food – working with chef

  • Link to healthy eating

  • How to make fruit kebab

  • How to make a chocolate factory

  • How to make a puppet

  • How to make our role-play area

  • How to make a vehicle

  • How to make a rocket

  • How to make a fire alarm to save London

  • How to make a Christmas cake/ pizza

  • How to make a ‘thumb pot’

  • How to make a scarecrow – linked to Tatty Bogle

  • How to make a raincoat from a black bag

  • How to design an outside area

  • How to build a structure

  • How to make a buggy

  • How to make an exploding box

  • How to make a…


- electrical circuit

  • How to grow plants

  • Planting seeds

  • Changing state

  • Art/DT/Sci: great outdoors

  • Minibeasts: How to identify owl/hedgehog; Making fridge magnets/insect shapes

  • Mr Grinling – how to build a pulley system

  • How to make a lighthouse

  • How to put out a fire

  • How to raise chicks

  • How to care for an animal


  • How to make a drum


– planning a trip to a sport event

How to play ...

RE links to St George

  • How to make a Christingle

Literacy/ PHSE and topics

  • Monsters topic eg Weston Mud Slider – who is responsible for burning down of Pier? Who can solve the mystery?

  • How to trap the Iron Man

  • How to trap a crocodile - link to Alligator Mama

  • How to travel to an island

  • How to survive Year 2

  • How to trap a troll

  • Trapping ‘bad’ characters from traditional tales

  • How to build a wolf trap

  • How to rescue a teddy


  • invaders and settlers

  • Romans; Vikings; Saxons; Tudors

  • How to build a Roman villa

  • How to invade a new land

  • Recipes: WWII rationing

  • Dead famous – start with Roald Dahl

  • gods/ goddesses

  • How to make mosaic tiles

  • How to be a Knight

  • How to make a medieval castle

  • How to build a road

  • How to capture a Viking


– how to brush teeth

  • How to make a rain gauge

  • How to make something hot

  • How to make something cold

  • How to grow fabulous vegetables

  • Plants – how to grow a..

  • How to eat healthily

  • How to make a sun dial – relate to light and shade


- D&T topics – stages of planning and making

- Cookery – alien cake

- How to make Greek/Egyptian bread

- How to make a moving monster

How to make a healthy snack


  • How to make a mosque

  • How to print etc


  • How to return tennis ball

  • How to play any game successfully

  • Orally explaining step by step how to execute a good gym move

PE info about any sport eg football


  • How to follow core values

  • How to be a good friend

Literacy and topics

  • How to catch a minotaur

  • Links to fiction writing – quest myths

  • How to survive KS1

  • Explanation: Let me tell you all about GoGos =- latest craze to hit yr 3

  • Animals topic

  • Making alien planet

  • How to make a gift box

  • Have you seen a golden child – leading to Have you seen an effective learner?

  • Dear Greenpeace

How to make a dream catcher

  • Use dragon as vehicle for Fire and Ice topic

  • How to mummify your teacher


  • Tudor and Viking recipes

  • How to dress like a…

  • How to dress as a rich / poor Tudor

  • How to make tudor hat

  • How to construct a tudor house

  • How to make a Tudor ruff

  • How to sail a longship

  • How to make model Viking village

  • Explorers –

  • How to survive being a slave in Ancient Egypt/Greece

  • How to build a paper Parthenon

  • Mummification (Egyptians)

  • Pyramid building

  • How to wear a toga

  • How to heat a Roman villa

  • How to capture the Sphinx

  • How to pack suitcase – evacuee

  • How to make a bomb shelter


- Watercycle

- Report on animals – predators, prey, food chains

How to plant bulbs

Instructions relating to solids, liquids and gases

  • Electricity

  • How to make an electric circuit

  • How to design a switch


  • Moving picture books

  • How to make a pop-up book

  • How to make chocolate

  • How to make vegetable soup (health week)

  • How to light a room


  • How to draw and measure angles

  • How to work out fractions


  • How to win a game of dodgeball

  • How to be safe in PE

Literacy and topics

  • How to weave a spider’s web

  • What to do if meet alien/ vampire/werewolf

  • How to make your teacher happy

  • How to use an escalator

  • How to make an invented sweet – linked to Roald Dahl topic week


  • How to be a good Spartan

  • Hist: How to catch German spy?

  • How to help evacuee settle

  • How to use a gas mask

  • How to detect a WWII spy

  • Greeks – how to make a democracy

  • How to make a Trojan horse

  • How to mummify a body

  • How to get rid of a wife (Henry VIII)


How to make biscuits/bread

  • How to make a moving toy

  • How to design a playground

  • How to let down a drawbridge (structures)


- setting up a fair test

  • Life cycle; snail keeping

  • Gardening

  • How to pollinate a flower (bee’s perspective)

  • Space topic

  • How to make a Zoetrope

  • How to rear butterflies

  • How to preserve your internal organs

  • How to look after African land snails


- How to play a musical instrument

- How to make a musical instrument


  • How to read a map

  • How to build a dam

  • How to stop waterflow in a river

  • How to stay safe on a beach

  • How to build the best ever sand castle

  • How to have a fantastic holiday

  • How to build a well


  • How to make a canopic jar

  • How to portray a relationship visually in a painting

Literacy and topics

  • How to fly on a broomstick

  • How to poach (Danny)

  • How to annoy your teacher

  • How to trap an alien

  • How to escape from a minotaur

  • How to capture the Highwayman

  • Lots of links to Alex Rider


- WW2 – How to prepare for bomb raid

  • How to build an Anderson shelter

  • How to lay out a WWIIkit

  • How to prepare for battle – link to “War Game” by Michael Foreman

  • How to dissolve a monastery

  • Children in Victorian Britain

  • How to be an Aztec warrior

  • How to play Victorian games

  • How to become King Macbeth

Science investigation

  • Forces

  • How to plan & conduct an investigation

  • How to operate a machine

  • planning an experiment in science

  • How to measure pulse rate

  • How to catch an illness – use Terry Dreary

  • Habitats and adaptations –

  • Forces


- How to stay safe in the mountains

  • Mountains – children choose a mountain range

  • Rivers around the world

  • How to cross a river

  • How to make sewage


- Materials

  • How to build working lighthouse/pulley based on Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch

  • How to make clay gargoyle

  • How to make a kite

  • Making and baking

  • How to make Aztec chocolate

  • How to make slippers


- How to digitally alter a picture

PE: How to do a PE activity – to present to another class


  • How to learn dance moves (their own creative dance

Literacy and topics

  • Dr Who literacy revision unit: How to fly the Tardis; How to fight the cybermen?

  • Planning a ‘money making’ week

  • How to make a rat trap – Pied Piper

  • Making modrock superheroes

  • Instructions for successful yr 6 Sats week

  • Harry Potter- How to look after a mythical creature

  • How to open a secret passage

  • How to catch a ghost

  • Anything creative or real from a decade

  • How to get to church for Christmas performance

  • How to survive secondary school

  • How to build an outrigger

  • Revisit using: How to scare a monster – use video clip from Monsters Inc

R/1 non-chron report

Y2 non-chron report

Y3 non-chron report

Y4 non-chron report

Y5 non-chron report

Y6 non-chron report

Non-chron report

  • Relevant to all curriculum areas and topics – especially history, geography, science, RE.

  • Ideas can be presented as powerpoint presentation

  • Great for one-off writing like exciting or big write times

  • Appeals to boys

  • great when using hoops to clump ideas

Use as learning logs to involve parents etc

Good to use sorting hoops

Gives children focus and relevance

Use before all major writing tasks

Presenting as experts in wide range of subjects

Use info texts as a way into discussion – gathering info; capturing ideas
Useful approach for Black History week
Generalisers – brilliant!


– habitats

  • Report on class pet

  • Looking after pets

  • Animal classification

  • Large and small animals

  • Underground creatures – mole worm

  • Night animals – owls

  • Jungle animals – chameleons

  • African nocturnal animals

  • Penguins - using Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

  • Topics on minibeasts – caterpillars, worms, tadpoles; dinoasaurs,

  • Imaginary and real fish

  • Life processes – butterfly cycle; frog life cycle

  • What do I know about spiders

  • Seaside: Whales; seahorses; lighthouses

  • Commotion in the ocean – one child describes animal – another guesses what it is

  • Rainforest animals – oragutans/ toucans

  • Sounds, colour , movement

  • Growing up

  • Pushes and pulls

  • Light and dark

  • Describe a planet / moon


  • Toys from past

  • Leaflet for castle

  • Gunpowder plot


  • Houses and homes

  • At the farm - Farm animals – what we get from farms

  • Topic on a country

  • Australia – looking at animals that live there

  • Deserts and jungles

  • Tourist leaflet on area

  • Seaside creatures – items at the beach; under sea

  • Non chron ‘real’ book on Antartica for Barnaby Bear


  • Transport and wheeled vehicles

  • Toys


  • Van Gogh

Literacy and topics:

  • space, machines

  • Bears – real and story

  • The Gruffalo

  • Where Wild things are

  • What makes a great circus

  • Phoenix

  • Aliens love underpants

  • Dinosaur project

  • Superheroes

  • Reports about wolves linked to traditional tales

  • Wanted poster for Gingerbread man –


  • Great outdoors – reports on mini-beasts/ animals in local environment

  • Animal habitats/ info about living things – children create posters

  • Nocturnal animals

  • Light/dark

  • Plants

  • Variation

  • Moon facts – linked to Baboon on the Moon


  • Great Fire London

  • Good idea/bad idea related to history issue eg evacuees

  • Louis Braille

  • Nelson Mandela

  • Florence Nightingale

  • Artefacts from school museum

  • Grace Darling


  • Report of a particular country = food people, industry etc

  • Study of different locality

  • Different places – Mexico

  • Our community

  • Local area

  • Environment

  • Water

  • Rainforest

  • Vehicles

  • Trees

  • Island research

  • Mexico – unit of work on Toccuro

  • Island life – report of Isle of Coll/ Isle of Struay

Literacy and topics:

  • Sports week – interviews with club about special events – teach newspaper reports

  • Ourselves

  • Dinosaurs

  • Aliens

  • Topics on minibeasts; space, machines

  • Owls; hedgehogs

  • Seaside creatures

  • Plants

  • Make up imaginary planet

  • New creature discovered: children draw head/body/feet on folded paper – then write explanation

  • Make up a planet – then report on that planet

  • Report for a new child starting school

  • Pets

  • Nb www.bighugelabs – drop in image and make info card

  • Also videos and images from Life on earth

  • Alien landing in school playground

  • Recycling project


  • Sci – healthy eating unit inc teeth and healthy eating

  • Moving and growing

  • Amazing animals

  • Space travel

  • Magnets and springs


- Vikings

- Egypt

- Egyptian artefacts

- Romans

  • Report on ancient Egyptians/Romans/ Vikings

  • Romans information booklet

  • WWII

  • Henry VIII and Tudors

  • Each child takes a Roman topic and talks it through with text partner


  • Mining in NE

  • local area

  • Kenya

  • Rocks, materials and soils

  • Weather around world

  • Earthquakes and volcanoes

  • Birds topic

  • About France

  • About mountains

  • About the beach

  • Out and about topic

Literacy and topics:

  • How to trap dragon

  • Imaginary animals

  • Fits with early topic on non chron report and moves on from Y2 sats stuff on nocturnal report linking history & DT to literacy

  • KS1/2 transition project

  • Theseus & Minotaur

  • Sports topic

  • What is a Cyclops?

  • Famous person – Billy Wright


  • Habitats

  • Moving and growing/ People in motion

  • Info on skeletons

  • what plants need to grow

  • Adaptations


Egyptians – gods / temples

  • Armada - Tudors

  • Romans

  • Tudor banquet

  • About Tudor life

  • Victorian school report

  • Explorers

  • Any historial character

  • King or Queen’s diary

  • Dirtiest jobs – link to Horrible History facts


  • International links – comparing localities; lifestyles, culture’ celebrations

  • Mountain ranges

  • Village in India

  • Volcanoes

  • Reports on a range of locations

  • Extreme weather

  • Temperature

  • Habitats

  • The Rainforest – using ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry

  • Antartica

  • Life in Chembakolli (India)


  • Religious ceremonies

Literacy and topics:

  • Spiders topic

  • Norse God / myths

  • Popular culture – children’s choice

  • Report on invented animal

  • Bird topic

  • Guide to Love of Reading


  • Earth, sun, moon/ space

  • Planets – made up and real ones

  • The circulation system

  • The human skeleton/

  • difference with animal skeletons

  • Buterflies

  • Owls

  • Sea creatures


  • WWII

  • Tudors

  • Diary of Victorian child working underground

  • famous Victorians


  • India

  • Eco project

  • Coastal erosion

  • Holiday brochures

  • Mountains

  • Volcanoes

  • localities in Brazil – detailed study of street children

Literacy and topics:

  • Creature hatched from mysterious egg found in school

  • Squirrels

  • Mythical creatures

  • Children choose type of dinosaur

  • Research topic

  • Report on animals found in Kensuke’s Kingdom

  • All research work

  • All project work

  • News report

  • Sea monsters

  • Mermaids

  • Whales

  • Dolphins

  • Report on a mythological creature / Medusa/Cyclops/ Pegasus

  • 3 little Pigs


  • Sci – microbes

  • How to stop germs

  • Science - What is a fish (linked to habits, life-cycle; food chains

  • Sci – healthy bodies

  • Sci – Plant or animal adaptation

  • Science: earth/space revision unit

  • Illnesses

  • Interdependence and adaptation


Islam booklets


Dictionary about different triangles etc


  • Useful for history topics to org paragraphs

  • Victorian climbing boys

  • WWII - Blitz

  • Goodnight Mr Tom

  • Presentation relating to WWII

  • Greek Gods – legacy of ancient Greeks

  • Victorian inventions



  • Coastal erosion

  • Sustainable ed how to make world better place

  • Eco systems

  • Rivers – what is a river? / Course of a river

  • Geog: Mountains Lit link – Waiting for Anya by Morpurgo

  • Mountain environment or specific mountain

  • Geographical and physical features of India

  • Indian tigers and elephants

Literacy and topics:

  • Web design – make web pages about their rtime at school for Yr 3 audience

  • Dr Who – Cybermen and Dalek reports

  • Aspirations – moving to KS3

  • Local community festival

  • Life of someone famous

  • Decades – The Beatles

  • All topic work

  • Using NXT lego robots write a report for headteacher on effectiveness of their own learning

  • Chicks – report for KSI on how to care for them

  • School environment

  • Report on a specific bird

  • School prospectus (nb this should also include significant persuasive writing)

  • The SATs monster

  • Reports on Bollywoood actors

  • The Midnight Fox

  • UFOs

1 Discussion

2 Discussion

3 Discussion

4 Discussion

5 Discussion

6 Discussion


  • Relevant across curriculum particularly in Hist; Geog and PSHE and especially science – talking an experiment

  • Also for maths problem solving – similar to Talk For Maths

  • Great for every foundation subject

  • Relates to Diamond 9s

  • Appeals to boys

  • Helps schools enhance writing making it purposeful and relevant

  • Any topical issues eg homework; football; uniform etc etc

  • Useful approach before any signif icant writing task


  • Saving the planet

  • Arranging fish facts eg habitat/movement


  • Geog – local environment

  • Similarities and differences between 2 environments

  • Deserts and jungles

  • Should we chop down trees (mostly oral)

Pollution in the sea/ rainforests

  • Recycling


  • Why are castles built on hills?

  • Fire of London

  • How did Florence Nightingale improve nursing>


- Discussions around new toys, sharing, choosing new equipment

- Discussions arising from issues at playtime

What is a healthy lifestyle?

  • Healthy schools

Literacy and topics:

  • Message in a bottle – rescue me

  • Seaside holidays – were they better in the past?


  • Endangered animals

  • Push and Pull forces

  • Healthy eating – balanced diet


  • Why did Florence Nighingale manage to save so many lives?

  • Why did Florence go to Scutari?

  • Should Florence Nightingale have disobeyed her father?

  • Great fire of Luttenham

  • Great Fire of London

  • Was QE1 a good queen

  • Guy Fawkes – RC/ Protestants


- Why would you want to go on holiday to ...?

- Katie Morag Would you like to live on Struay or the mainland?

- car parking – town development issues

- Comparisons between life in Dartford and St Lucia
Literacy and topics:

  • How to improve school playground

  • Are zoos a good idea?

PSHE topics

  • SEAL

  • Rules eg class trips

  • School council issues

  • Should children be allowed to choose where to sit?

  • Should you walk to school?

  • What can we do about litter?

  • Should there be music in the dining hall?

  • Is it ever right to use violence?

  • Should space travel be available for all?

  • Discussion related to monsters in nearby area


  • Fire of London

  • Why did Boudicca lead a revolt against the Romans?

  • Did boys or girls have better lives in ancient Rome?

  • Was Henry VIII a kind man?

  • Why did the Vikings invade and settle?

  • Why was the Roman invasion successful?

  • Should the Romans have invaded? (Celts v Romans)

  • How did the Romans manage to build a huge empire?

  • What did the Romans do for us?

  • Aztecs - Was Cortez right to invade?

  • Sorting primary and secondary sources

  • What are the best things to pack in your evacuation suitcase?


  • Our local area – focusing on a current issue

  • How to care for environment - How much difference can an individual make ?

  • What can be done about global warming?

  • Is recycling a good idea?


  • Can you see round corners?


  • Worship – comparisons between different religions

  • Should Jesus have been crucified?

Literacy and topics:

  • Y3 transition – pros and cons linked to SEAL

  • Was it fair to send Icarus to an island?

PSHE links

– school council opportunities/ issues eg new playground/ smoking/drugs

  • Why are school rules important?

  • Friendship

  • Right and wrong

  • Should we be educated at home or school?

  • Why won’t the council give us a lolliepop person?

  • Should football be banned at break?

  • SEAL activities


  • Elizabeth’s reign in Tudor times – who liked her? What was thought of her? Was she a popular queen

  • Was King Alfred a hero or a bully? – or any famous historical figure

  • Life of Romans

  • Historical fact books

  • Highwayman – reopening a court case relating to a highwayman

  • Medical cures in Tudor times


  • Linked to local area work

  • Should tourism be allowed in Himalayas?

  • Discussion over development of an area – viewpoints of different groups (children/parents/ developers/ retailers/ environmentalists/ tourism industry

  • Should Scott have used dogs in his race to South Pole?

  • What can be done about the vanishing Rainforest and should we be worried?

  • Similarities/differences between two habitats

  • Should fair trade be encouraged?

  • Changes to environment

  • Pollution


- Do angels exist ?

How to make a clay monster


- Should Pharaoh have let the Israelites go?


Is it right for people to fight for what they believe in?


Problem solving

School Council – relevant to all issues debated

Literacy and topics:

  • Stories with issues/dilemmas

  • Persuade someone that X is a good place to live/visit

  • Persuasion – letter to town hall re award winning toilets being locked when school children need them

  • New university being built in town – is this good or bad for local people?

  • Should birds be kept in captivity?

  • Animals and us

  • Contrasting children’s lives today with other historical periods or countries


  • Healthy living

  • Should McDonalds be banned?

  • Why should we have a balanced diet?

  • Owl boxes should be compulsory in all gardens


  • Consequences – debates ; hot seat;

  • Why did Victorians end child labour?

  • Should Victorian Whittington have a railway?

  • Titanic unit

  • Why would children work in mines/factories>

  • Birth of industry and influence on modern society

  • Battle of Marathon

  • Effects of Tudor exploration on Roanoke Island

  • Why did the Aztec empire end?

  • Should the Athenians or the Spartans control a united Greece?

  • What factors led to Anne Frank’s capture?

  • Eyam – Were the people of Eyam right to cut themselves off during the plague?

  • Why did Egypt die out as a world power?

  • What went wrong at Arnhem Bridge?


  • Water and water shortages

  • What will be the effect of global warming on British coastline?

  • Developing local park

  • Environmental issues

  • Fair trade

  • How could we dispose of rubbishj in our town?


  • Looking at each other’s religions

Literacy and topics:

  • Should children’s TV be banned?

  • Does the Loch Ness monster exist?

  • The Apprentice

  • Do UFOs exist?

  • Should mobile phones be banned in schools?

  • Do we need an Asda in our town?

  • How can we stop some teenagers from causing havoc at night?

  • How can we improve the playground?

  • Do we need a funfair at our gala?

  • The fox hunting debate – linked to take one picture at National Gallery


  • WWII issues eg treatment of Jews

  • What caused WWII?

  • Should children have been evacuated?

  • What if Hitler had succeeded in 1945?

  • Should Elgin marbles be returned

  • Was Henry VIII a good or bad king?

  • Should Mary Q of Scots have been beheaded?

  • Victorian reforms for children - should children be made to work?

  • Should workhouses be reintroduced in Britain?

  • Discussion of Victorian punishments

  • Should boys and girls be separated

  • Should the Victorian education system be reintroduced?

  • Why and how was EU formed?

  • Who was to blame for sinking of Titanic?


  • Sustainability: how to make world better place

  • Is tourism in Snowdonia good or bad?

  • Coasts – Should sea defences be used to protect coastlines

  • Should coastlines bee protected / developed?

  • Trade with other countries

  • Fair trade

  • Is being a EU member beneficial to the UK?

RE/PHSE issues/debates:

  • Alcohol; smoking

  • Save world – environmental issues

  • Why apostles afraid after cruxifiction/resurrection

  • Is there an after life?

  • Year 6 / 7 transition

  • Dragons Den event

  • How can bullying be prevented?


  • What is art? – linked to modern art gallery visit

  • Is graffiti art?

Literacy and topics:

  • Transition – moving to Yr 7 (working with other schools in group)

  • School council discussions eg school uniform

  • Local issues: closing library ; building a new Tescos

  • News issues

  • Was capital punishment right?

  • Should children be encouraged to think about what work will do when leave school?

  • Decades – Roswell sightings

  • Are residential school trips a waste of time?

  • What we would like in our schools?

  • SATs revision (boo!) but I can see this working!

  • Should SATs be banned?

  • Should boys and girls have a different curriculum?

  • Is the Highwayman a hero or a villain

  • Should Shakespeare be taught in primary schools

  • What can be done to save endangered creatures

  • Should Thesues have killed the Minotaur

  • Should sharks be hunted to extinction?

  • Should we have a graffiti wall at school?

  • Should x’s football ground be moved?

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