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Greenpeace works for positive change through action and our nonviolent direct actions (NVDA) are vital to winning our campaigns. However we can only take action because ordinary individuals take a personal choice to act to help expose an environmental crime or stop environmental destruction and are willing to accept the consequences of their actions.


Greenpeace supporters help our campaigns in many different ways from political lobbying to public engagement and taking part in an action isn’t for everyone. We organise regular trainings to enable people to participate and help in this way. If you would like to attend such a training please submit your details below.
We expect that NVDA trained activists:

  • support Greenpeace and have an understanding of the issues we work on

  • are committed to nonviolence

  • are available to participate in actions (i.e. have some flexibility as regards work commitments)

  • realise that participation in actions involves accepting some personal risks

If you cannot take the risks involved or you cannot take time off during the week, then we still need your help but please get involved in other ways.

You cannot participate in Greenpeace nonviolent direct actions until you are over 18.




Email address:

Mobile phone:

Greenpeace username:

  • If you do not have a username please set one up:

Date of Birth:

Are you a UK citizen? Yes/No


1. What inspired you to get involved with Greenpeace?

2. Which campaign area are you most passionate about and why?

3. Of these 6 Greenpeace actions which one would you have liked to take part in, and why?

4. Sometimes actions are brought to an end by police. Are you willing to accept the personal risk involved on a Greenpeace action? Yes/No
5. Are you free, with notice, to take days off mid week to take part in an action? Yes/No
6. Please give us an example of the use of nonviolence to achieve change

An example from history, or from a Greenpeace campaign is fine – use Google if necessary

7. Are you actively involved with any other organisation? Yes/No

For example Friends of the Earth, Climate Camp, People & Planet, Plane Stupid, Oxfam, Earth First

If yes, which organisation and in what way?

8. Are you or have you been involved in a Greenpeace local group/network? Yes/No

If Yes and if you are still involved, for how long

not involved any more

under 6 months

6-12 months

1-2 years

2+ years

If Yes - who is your local network coordinator?

1. Have you ever taken part in a Greenpeace activity which involved a certain amount of personal risk? Yes/No

If yes, which campaign?

2. Have you taken part in a direct action with any other group or organisation? Yes/No

If yes, which organisation

3. Do you have a valid UK driving license? Yes/No

If yes, what sort of license?

For example Car, motorcycle, minibus (D1), LGV, HGV

4. Do you have good new media skills? Yes/No

If yes, please summarise

For example you use a smart phone, and are familiar with photo / video uploads, or you regularly use encryption software, you tweet daily, or you have your own blog

5. Do you have rope access or climbing experience? Yes/No

If yes please detail relevant qualifications (esp IRATA), and any work experience you have in the industry (leisure or industrial).

6. Are you a power boat driver or a canoeist? Yes/No

If yes please detail relevant qualifications (esp RYA), and any work experience you have in the industry (leisure or industrial).
7. Are you a sailor or qualified crew member? Yes/No

If you have relevant seafarers qualifications (STCW etc) or if you would like to volunteer on board one of our ships then please see:

8. Please detail any other additional skills you think relevant

For example diving, mechanic, medical, painting, welding/engineering, electrician, carpentry, professional photographer, videographer, foreign languages

And a final word: Please do not be deterred by the skills you may not possess. We need reliable, sensible, committed, responsible, trustworthy volunteers who will remain calm under pressure more than we need climbers. We can train reliable volunteers to become climbers whereas we can’t train climbers to become reliable if they are not already.

Thank you for your time in filling out this form. Please email the completed form to: and we will be back in touch. The next step will be a phone conversation.
Your support for Greenpeace is much appreciated, and we hope to be back in touch soon with more details about how you can support our work.

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