Greenock Golf Club Constitution – The Need For Change

Management of the Revised Limited Member Category

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Management of the Revised Limited Member Category

  • Allow new members to take up the revised limited membership option but initially restrict the number of transfers from Ordinary membership to Limited membership to ensure an effective financial balance is maintained.

  • Manage the ordinary member applicants for transfer by conducting a ballot and placing them in order on a waiting list.

  • To illustrate the financial implications, 10 ordinary member transfers to limited membership would equate approximately to a loss of 10 @ £200 = £2000 in annual subscription income. This loss would be offset if we successfully attract 4 new limited members.

  • Maintenance of an effective financial balance is crucial to the success of this revision and, to deter members from resigning and rejoining the club as Limited members to usurp the waiting list, any members who resign may not rejoin as Limited members for a period of time yet to be determined by the management committee. They may however take up any other membership option where there is no waiting list.

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