Greenock Golf Club Constitution – The Need For Change

Revised Limited Member category

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Revised Limited Member category

Following extensive research by the funding sub committee, the management committee has considered all the available options and the most effective method of implementing the necessary change to embrace equal rights is considered to be a revision of the existing Limited membership category which would be implemented by a change to the club constitution.

  • No longer a need for “20 years” membership or “10 years membership and over 65 years old” to qualify for Limited membership

  • Existing limited gent members (17 off) would be given the option to transfer into the revised Limited member category which costs the same and has better playing privileges.

  • Revised Limited membership now allows gents to participate in Wednesday medals.

  • Revised Limited gents cannot enter club matchplay competitions. (Challenge Cup and Captains Foursomes)

  • No Saturday play before 3:30pm

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