Greening of Competency Models

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Water and Wastewater

  • Familiarity with renewable energy, energy efficiency, green infrastructure, and water efficiency technologies and approaches.

  • Acts in the best interest of the company, community, and environment.

  • Demonstrates an interest in learning about new and emerging tools and technologies; seeks out opportunities to improve knowledge of tools and technologies that may assist in streamlining work and improving productivity, energy, and water efficiency.

  • Is cognizant of the environment and potential hazards.

  • Evaluates changes in the environment with respect to their impact on safety of self and others.

  • Demonstrates professional responsibility for maintaining all policies and standards for health, safety, and the environment.

  • Complies with local, federal, sector, and company environmental laws and regulations.

  • Ensures adherence to all applicable federal, state and local water, wastewater, and bio-solids laws and regulations, including those outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act, The Clean Water Act and The Code of Federal Regulations and the Environmental Protection Agency Guidance Documents.

  • Practices sustainability by using processes that ensure the technical, managerial, and financial capacity of the system.

  • Takes measures to ensure practice of non-polluting activities that conserve energy, water, and resources and are economically efficient, and safe for workers, communities, and consumers.

  • Demonstrates awareness of the impact of the project’s carbon footprint.

  • Incorporates standards and practices for achieving water and energy efficiency in all aspects of business.

  • Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with regulatory agencies.

  • Conducts environmental, water, and energy audits.

  • Ensures compliance with environmental permits and other applicable documents.

  • Computes design specifications for implementation of conservation practices.

  • Recommends water efficiency and conservation techniques to the public.

  • Utilizes recommendations from industry associations, such as the standards from the American Water Works Association and Methods of Practice from the Water Environment Federation.

1 Greening of the World of Work: Implications for O*NET-SOC and New and Emerging Occupations

Greening of Competency Models – 01-09-15

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