Greening of Competency Models

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

  • Acts in the best interest of the company, the community, and the environment.

  • Complies with applicable laws and rules governing work and reports loss, waste, or theft or company property to appropriate personnel.

  • Hazardous Materials.

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards.

  • Environmental Regulations.

  • Correctly identifies hazardous materials and substances.

  • Handles/transports hazardous materials in accordance with government regulations and health standards.

  • Reports health, safety, security, and environmental problems.

  • Maintains documentation of compliance with health, safety, security, and environmental management systems.

  • Practices sustainability by using processes that are non-polluting, conserving of energy and natural resources, economically efficient, and safe for workers, communities, and consumers.

  • Stays up to date on environmentally-friendly trends in the industry.

  • Follows organizational procedures to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, and reduce the organization’s carbon footprint.

  • Safety, Health, Environmental, and Operational Regulations.

  • HAZMAT Regulations.

  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks.

  • Hazardous Materials.

  • Green Issues Impacting Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Industry.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

  • Energy Efficiency.

  • Carbon Footprint.

  • Fuel-saving Technologies.

  • Air/Water Quality.

  • Safety, Security, and Environmental Impact.

  • Green Rail Initiatives.

  • Sustainability.

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