Green Tradition Continues with Georgia’s Christmas Tree Recycling Event Set For January 2nd

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For Immediate Release CONTACT: Bring One for the Chipper Program

Sarah Visser, Executive Director

Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation

(404) 679-4910

Green Tradition Continues with Georgia’s Christmas Tree Recycling Event Set For January 2nd


Atlanta, GA – Keep Georgia Beautiful, The Georgia Forestry Commission, The Home Depot, The Davey Tree Company, the Ferry Morse Company, and WXIA 11-Alive want to “chip” in and help you get your house back in order after the Christmas holidays. We have made at least one household decision free, easy and eco-friendly during this holiday season.

Bring One for the Chipper, the state’s annual Christmas tree recycling program, invites Georgia residents to bring their trees to local drop-off centers on Saturday, January 2, 2016 from 9AM-4PM. Georgia residents can visit for a zip code-based listing of drop-off centers throughout the state.

"We are excited to celebrate 25 years of tree recycling in Georgia. Bring One for the Chipper is the perfect opportunity to start the year off right by making a simple choice that benefits the environment. Easy, everyday choices are the key to keeping our communities beautiful." said Sarah Visser, Executive Director of the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation.

Christmas tree recycling programs like Chipper support eco-friendly holiday efforts that have a greater influence. According to the National Christmas Tree Association ( 98% of real Christmas trees are grown on farms throughout all 50 states and Canada. Real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. On average, for each tree harvested, three seedlings are planted in its place. An estimated 40-45 million Christmas trees are planted annually throughout North America absorbing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen and supporting local economies. Chipper trees will be recycled into mulch for playgrounds, public beautification projects, wildlife habitat and homeowner landscaping projects. Mulched landscapes help absorb runoff and prevent erosion during times of heavy rainfall.

"Chipper gives the whole family the opportunity to participate in environmental stewardship. Dropping off the tree for recycling has become a family tradition and it's rewarding to see people come back year after year." added Visser.

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Event sponsors Keep Georgia Beautiful, The Home Depot, The Davey Tree Company, WXIA 11-Alive, the Georgia Forestry Commission and Ferry Morse Seed Co, are projected to donate money and in-kind services valued at over $200,000 for the statewide recycling project.

Since 1991, “Bring One for the Chipper,” has collected over 6 million trees for beneficial reuse.

For more information about Bring One for the Chipper, please call (404) 679-4910 or contact your local Keep America Beautiful Affiliate.

About Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation: Created in 1978 by Governor George Busbee, Keep Georgia Beautiful (KGB), became the first state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. In 2011, the Keep Georgia Beautiful program merged with the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation, Inc. which was created in 1985 to promote private sector financial support for worthwhile educational programs that enhance the environment and the quality of life in Georgia. KGBF coordinates a number of environmental efforts including the Great American Cleanup™ and the statewide Bring One for the Chipper Christmas tree recycling program. The Foundation is based on a fundamental premise that the environmental interests of the state of Georgia and the people who live here are best served when public and private interests work hand-in-hand to achieve common goals. Our connections with the public and private sectors aid us in our mission to support local Keep Georgia Beautiful affiliates as they build sustainable communities through litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, water resource management and community greening.

For more information about the KGB Foundation, please visit or call the office at (404) 679-4910.


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