Green roof assembly

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SECTION 329500
A. Section specifies all labor, materials, transportation, equipment and services necessary to assemble a complete green roof assembly, as provided by Roofmeadow and as shown on the Drawings and as described herein. This system shall be installed in conjunction with a compatible roof waterproofing system.
B. Related requirements specified elsewhere include:

1. Waterproofing – Section xxxxxxx.

A. Referenced standards and abbreviations. (Where applicable, use the most recent available standard.)

1. System Provider’s specifications and recommendations

2. American Standard Testing Method Standards – abbreviated as “ASTM”

3. ASTM E2396: Standard Testing Method for Saturated Water Permeability of Granular Drainage Media [Falling-Head Method] for Green Roof Systems

4. ASTM E2399: Standard Testing Method for Maximum Media Density for Dead Load Analysis

5. ASTM D5199: Standard Test Method for Measuring the Nominal Thickness of Geosynthetics

6. ASTM D4833: Standard Test Method for Index Puncture Resistance of Geotextiles, Geomembranes, and Relate Products

7. ASTM D5261: Standard Test Method for Measuring Mass per Unit Area of Geotextiles

8. ASTM E2397: Standard Practice for Determination of Dead Loads and Live Loads Associated with Green Roof Systems

9. ASTM C131: Standard Test Method for Resistance to Degradation of Small-Size Coarse Aggregate by Abrasion and Impact in the Los Angeles Machine

10. ASTM C88: Standard Test Method for Soundness of Aggregates by Use of Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium Sulfate

11. ASTM C29M: Standard Test Method for Bulk Density (Unit Weight) and Voids in Aggregate

12. ASTM C136: Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates

13. ASTM D3776: Standard Test Methods for Mass per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric

14. ASTM D4632: Standard Test Method for Grab Breaking Load and Elongation of Geotextiles

15. ASTM D4491: Standard Test Methods for Water Permeability of Geotextiles by Permittivity

16. ASTM D422: Standard Test Method for Particle-Size Analysis of Soils

17. ASTM D5035: Standard Test Method for Breaking Force and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Strip Method)

18. ASTM D1777: Standard Test Method for Thickness of Textile Materials

19. ASTM D4716: Test Method for Determining the (In-Plane) Flow Rate per Unit Width and Hydraulic Transmissivity of a Geosynthetic Using a Constant Head

20. ASTM D3786: Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics-Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method

21. ASTM D1621: Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Cellular Plastics

22. ASTM C40: Standard Test Method for Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregates for Concrete

23. ASTM C140: Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Concrete Masonry Units and Related Units

24. ASTM C67: Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Brick and Structural Clay Tile

25. UL Inc.: Class a Classification for use in Ballasted Systems

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29. USDA Handbook #60 – abbreviated as “USDA”

30. Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V. [The Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Society], methods to be based on the latest English edition – Abbreviated as “FLL”

31. SPRI VR-1: Procedure for Investigating Resistance Root Penetration on Vegetated Roofs


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