Green power providers participation agreement

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Distributor shall choose one of the two options provided for under Subsections 5.1 and 5.2 below, and credits and incentives shall be credited or paid to each Participant accordingly. Each Participant shall be paid the then-current applicable Premium Rate as was stated in Guideline 8 of Guidelines as it was in effect on the date of TVA’s execution of the Participation Agreement.
5.1 Distributor Billing Option. Under this option, Distributor shall administer any Generation Credits due to Participant under this Subsection 5.1 using Site’s power consumption (recorded on the single associated Billing Meter) and Site’s power generation (recorded on the associated Generation Meter), and provide to Participant any Generation Credits due effective with the billing period when the Qualifying System commences generation into Distributor’s electric system, and for each billing period thereafter during the term of this Participation Agreement, Distributor shall include the following in its determination of Participant’s power bill: Distributor shall (a) apply all charges and credits for power and energy to the kW and kWh energy consumed by Participant at the Site and any other charges and credits determined in accordance with the applicable retail rate schedule, as appropriate, and (b) credit Participant with Generation Credit for the eligible renewable energy (kWh) delivered to Distributor’s system. Said Generation Credit shall be calculated by applying the retail rate schedule (residential or deemed to be GSA1 for all commercial and industrial customers) and the applicable Premium Rate, as determined by Guideline 8 of the Guidelines, to the kWh energy generated by the Qualifying System at the Site.
If the Generation Credit exceeds the sum of all charges and other credits on Participant’s power bill resulting in Participant being owed money for the billing period, Distributor may elect to carry over any such payment due to Participant as an additional credit on Participant’s power bill for the following billing period, and may continue to do so for a total of twelve (12) consecutive billing periods.  If at the end of this cumulative period the value of Participant’s Generation Credits exceeds the net sum of all charges and other credits for such cumulative period, Distributor shall pay Participant for the balance due.
The Distributor’s periodic power bill to Participant shall include calculations of the amounts owed, if any, to Participant with specific reference to the applicable retail rate schedule and Premium Rate.

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