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Participant’s eligibility for participation in the Program is based upon Participant meeting the following criteria:

  1. If Participant is a residential customer, the Participant must have a residential building at the Site of the Qualifying System. If Participant is a commercial or industrial customer of Distributor, the primary commercial or industrial purpose at the Site shall not be electricity generation; and

  1. Participant must submit the design of its proposed Qualifying System, along with an interconnection application, including the proposed equipment specifications, in advance of submitting a signed Participation Agreement, to Distributor for review; and

  1. The Qualifying System:

  1. must not have previously generated renewable energy for sale to TVA prior to October 1, 2012, unless the Qualifying System was part of the Generation Partners pilot;

  2. must meet the requirements of the Green-e Energy National Standard as provided by the Center for Resource Solutions, or any successor entity;

  1. must meet the requirements of the type of Qualifying System outlined in Guideline 4;

  1. must have a minimum nameplate capacity equal to or greater than 0.50 kW;

  1. must comply with all requirements established by the Distributor for interconnecting a Qualifying System to its distribution system, including without limitation signing Distributor’s Interconnection Agreement and paying Distributor for any interconnection studies and other associated costs. Furthermore, the Qualifying System (including all interconnection-related equipment) must have been tested and listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for continuous interactive operation with an electric distribution system in compliance with IEEE 1547 (Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems), IEEE 1547.2 (Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Equipment Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems), and UL 1741 (Inverters, Converters, and Controllers for use in Independent Power Systems) prior to Distributor signing the System Acceptance Form;

  1. must be properly designed, constructed, and installed, and the installer and manufacturer shall provide evidence of the testing and compliance with the applicable requirements prior to Distributor signing the System Acceptance Form. All Qualifying Systems shall be maintained and tested on an ongoing basis in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and Distributor and TVA shall have the right to obtain copies of the test results; and

  1. must be manufactured (if a packaged system) and installed in compliance with all requirements of the latest edition of the National Electric Code (American National Standards Institute/National Fire Protection Association-70) prior to Distributor signing the System Acceptance Form; and

  1. All installations must be permitted as required by law, be certified by a licensed electrician, and pass any applicable code inspections prior to Distributor signing the System Acceptance Form; and

  1. For safe operation, the Qualifying System and its associated facilities must have a manual, lockable, visible load break AC disconnect switch with such switch easily accessible by Distributor prior to Distributor signing the System Acceptance Form; and

  1. The construction and installation of the Qualifying System must be completed, in compliance with the Interconnection Agreement requirements and the terms and conditions of this Participation Agreement, by the Deadline. If these terms and conditions are not met before the Deadline, Participant may not reapply for participation in the Program within the period of one hundred eighty (180) Calendar

Days from the date of TVA’s execution of the Participation Agreement in accordance with the then-current applicable Guidelines; and

  1. The annual Program participation limit as established in Guideline 12 of the Guidelines must not have been reached at the time TVA is asked to review and execute this Participation Agreement. Once a Distributor and a Participant have signed a Participation Agreement and presented it to TVA for review and possible execution, TVA shall be under no obligation to execute said Participation Agreement once the MW limit for that year has been reached, notwithstanding any actions taken and expenses incurred to date by the Participant; and

  1. No generation credits shall be due to Participant for any generation above the total nameplate Maximum Capacity.

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