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For the term of this Participation Agreement, the total nameplate capacity of a Qualifying System(s) at the Site shall be less than or equal to 50 kW direct current (DC) (50 kW alternating current (AC) if the system is a synchronous generator and does not require an inverter). However, if the proposed total nameplate capacity of the Qualifying System at the Site:

(i) exceeds 10 kW, Distributor shall review the kWh energy consumption at the Site (Site Power Usage Review) during the past twelve (12) months, as recorded monthly by the single associated Billing Meter at the Site, and the maximum total nameplate capacity (Maximum Capacity) of the Qualifying System under this Participation Agreement shall be the lesser of (a) 50 kW and (b) the kW capacity that is designed to generate no more than 100% of the historical annual usage in kWh at the Site, as recorded by the associated Billing Meter at the Site.

(ii) is 10 kW or less, no Site Power Usage Review shall be required.
Furthermore, Participant must be able to demonstrate, on an ongoing basis, that the Qualifying System generates electricity from one of the resources (Qualifying Resources) included as eligible per Guideline 4 as such Guideline existed at the time this Participation Agreement was executed. If Participant intends to increase or decrease the nameplate capacity of its Qualifying System, Participant shall complete Attachment D (Request to Amend Participation Agreement to Modify Capacity of Qualifying System) and forward it, along with any requested supporting documents, to Distributor and TVA for review and potential approval and execution. In addition, any intended increase of the nameplate capacity of the Qualifying System, so that the total (existing and new) capacity amounts to more than 10 kW, must be in accordance with Subsection 3(i). Any unauthorized increase of the Qualifying System’s total nameplate capacity may result in termination of this Participation Agreement.

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