Green power providers participation agreement

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Participant, at any time, upon thirty (30) Calendar Days’ written notice to Distributor;

  • Mutual agreement of all of the parties in writing at any time; or

  • TVA or Distributor, at any time upon written notice by TVA or Distributor to Participant, if TVA or Distributor has determined that any of the following conditions has occurred:

        1. After the Delivery Commencement Date, there has been a sustained lack of generation (less than an average of 10 kWh per month) from the Qualifying System for a period of six (6) consecutive months or more;

        2. The Qualifying System or its interconnection or safety equipment violate any applicable local, state, or federal codes or pose a safety hazard as determined by the Distributor or TVA;

        3. The interconnection or safety equipment ceases to comply with the requirements of Section 4 below;

        4. The Qualifying System includes generation from a non-Qualifying Resource (defined below) and/or ceases to meet the participation conditions outlined in this Participation Agreement or the Guidelines;

        5. Generation from the Qualifying System is used by Participant to provide credits for electric consumption at a location other than the Address herein;

        6. Distributor ceases to be a customer of TVA;

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