Green power providers participation agreement

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For purpose of this Participation Agreement (i) all terms used herein with initial capital letters are textually defined within this Participation Agreement, and (ii) all underlined terms used herein shall be deemed to mean those terms as defined in Guideline 2 of the Guidelines.

2.1 Effective Date, Delivery Commencement Date, and Term. This Participation Agreement shall be deemed effective as of the date (Effective Date) that TVA executes this Participation Agreement. The date on which Distributor accepts the Qualifying System by executing the Distributor’s Acceptance of Qualifying System Form (System Acceptance Form) shall be called the Delivery Commencement Date. If the Distributor does not accept the Qualifying System by fully executing and submitting the System Acceptance Form within one hundred eighty (180) Calendar Days of TVA’s execution of this Participation Agreement under Subsection 17.3 below (Deadline), this Participation Agreement shall automatically terminate.
Unless sooner terminated as provided in this Participation Agreement, this Participation Agreement shall remain in effect for twenty (20) years from the Effective Date.
2.2 Termination. This Participation Agreement may be terminated by:

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