Green power providers participation agreement

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Distributor and TVA shall have access to the Site:

  1. at reasonable hours, and upon reasonable notice, to inspect the Qualifying System’s protective apparatus and to read, maintain, or test meters, or for any reasonable purpose in connection with this Participation Agreement or Distributor’s obligation to provide service to its customers; and

  1. at any time without notice to Participant, in order to disconnect the Qualifying System from the Distributor’s distribution system, in the event Distributor reasonably believes a hazardous condition exists and such immediate action is necessary to protect persons, Distributor’s facilities, or property of others from damage or interference caused by Participant’s facilities or lack of properly operating protective devices.

Participant understands that Distributor or TVA may publish or disclose to others information obtained from the Program but will not release, without the prior consent of

Participant, information that could personally identify Participant except to employees, contractors, or agents of Distributor and TVA, or when disclosure is required by law.

SECTION 14 - Third Party Beneficiaries
This Participation Agreement is solely for the benefit of Participant, Distributor, and TVA and shall not be construed as creating any duty, standard of care, or any liability to any person not a party to this Participation Agreement.


Download 98.34 Kb.

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