Green power providers participation agreement

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  1. A Force Majeure Event shall mean any act of God or the public enemy, fires, epidemics, quarantines, strikes, freight embargoes or delays in transportation, priorities or other acts or orders of governmental authority, or unforeseeable severe weather or floods, or any causes, whether or not of the same class or kind of those specifically above named, that are in each case (i) beyond the reasonable control of such affected party, (ii) by the exercise of reasonable foresight such party could not reasonably have been expected to avoid, and (iii) by the exercise of due diligence, such party shall be unable to prevent or overcome.

  1. If a Force Majeure Event prevents Participant from fulfilling any of its obligations under this Participation Agreement, Participant shall promptly in writing notify Distributor, or its authorized representatives, of the existence of the Force Majeure Event. The notification must specify in reasonable detail the circumstances of the Force Majeure Event, the expected duration, and the steps that Participant is taking to alleviate the effects of the event on its performance, and, if the initial notification is verbal, it shall be promptly followed up with a written notification. Participant shall keep Distributor informed in writing on a continuing basis of developments relating to the Force Majeure Event until the event ends. Participant shall be entitled to suspend or modify its performance of obligations under this Participation Agreement only to the extent that the effect of the Force Majeure Event, as determined in TVA’s sole discretion, cannot be reasonably mitigated. In the event of such suspension or modification, TVA shall determine, in its sole discretion, when the Force Majeure Event has ended.

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