Green power providers participation agreement

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TVA shall have the sole right and title to any renewable energy credits (including tradable renewable credits or green tags), or other associated benefits or environmental attributes of energy generated from the renewable nature of the Qualifying System (without regard to whether any governmental authority or other organization has registered, certified, or otherwise taken action to recognize said credits, tags, benefits, or attributes), that have accrued or are arising or accruing now and in the future as a result of the generation of electricity from the Qualifying System (Environmental Credits) beginning on the Effective Date and continuing throughout the term of this Participation Agreement. At no cost to TVA or Distributor, Participant shall cooperate with TVA and Distributor in taking whatever action is necessary and reasonable to establish or obtain such Environmental Credits, as may be required now or in the future by applicable law, and transfer them to Distributor, who shall in turn transfer all such Environmental Credits to TVA.
For the term of this Participation Agreement, the Participant and Owner of Qualifying System cannot make claims or statements about using renewable electricity, cutting back on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from electricity through the use of renewable electricity, or receiving any other environmental benefits of renewable energy use constitute the claiming of a renewable energy credit (REC). Participant and Owner of Qualifying System understand that if claims of using renewable electricity or any of the environmental attributes within a REC, those claims would violate the terms of this Participation Agreement, since TVA, through this Participation Agreement, is purchasing one hundred percent (100%) of the RECs generated by the renewable energy installation and selling the RECs through its Green Power Switch program. If Participant and Owner of Qualifying System wish to make such claims, they must purchase the equivalent RECs through the Green Power Switch program or other product.

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